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Pair 5 Tuning Forks<br> Pair 5 Tuning Forks

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OM Tuning Forks<br> OM Tuning Forks

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Tuning Fork Apron Tuning Fork Apron

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Hara Poster Hara Poster

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HTA Clipboard HTA Clipboard

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Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner Logo HTA Practitioner Logo

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HTA Car Magnet HTA Car Magnet

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Animal Anatomy Simplified - Illustrated Reference Guide Animal Anatomy Simplified - Illustrated Reference Guide

"This book is a great study guide to the anatomy, physiology and energy systems of animals -- specifically birds, dogs, cats and horses. There are clear and detailed illustrations of the various systems that are helpful when communicating with clients, veterinarians and anyone else interested in learning more about Healing Touch for Animals. I had the opportunity to work with a bird, and thanks to this book, I knew how to work with its anatomy and chakras. I recommend this book to anyone as it provides a better understanding of our animals' systems and what's happening with them."
- Carmen L., AP student

Level 1 Healing Touch for Animals Workbook HTA Level 1 Workbook

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HTA Level 3 Workbook HTA Level 3 Workbook

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HTA Level 4 Workbook HTA Level 4 Workbook

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