What Our Students Say About Us

“Healing Touch for Animals® is amazing. Not only has it transformed my life, but I’ve been able to help so many others thanks to this healing modality! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in holistic healing for themselves or the animals in their lives.”

– Amanda Veade

“I love what I have learned and now practice with the Healing Touch for Animals® program and certification. HTA has opened up a whole new dimension of helping animals for me. Carol and her staff are wonderful! They are very knowledgeable - from training to written materials to recordings and videos- is very professionally done.”

– Becky Pence

“Absolutely amazing experience! l love all 4 levels and my teachers/instructors. HTA is a place to learn how to treat your animals/friends with respect and natural holistic way. Highly recommended.”

- Edyta Greniuk

“Healing Touch for Animals® provides the life force that many animals need to self-heal, recuperate, improve in performance, recover from both physical and mental injuries, and, in some cases, learn to trust again in themselves and in mankind. And the magical ingredient is that this healing ability is in all of us, if only we will open up our hearts to let it inside of us. HTA provides us with an understanding about how to allow these abilities to help all animals (and ourselves) to flourish and teaches us how to put them to good use.”

– Barry Stanner

“The course work and instructors are excellent. The techniques blend nicely with traditional veterinary medicine. Both animals and their humans seem happy with the results.”

– Colleen Price

“I just completed my Level 1 course and I already cannot wait for the next one. Founder, Carol Komitor, is an incredible healer and teacher. Her passion for teaching Healing Touch for Animals® is palatable and just magnetic. The course is very well taught, thorough and blends hands-on work and classroom work perfectly. Her meditations are also extremely effective. Such an amazing experience for both the furry, feathered, scaled, and skinned creatures. I highly recommend HTA for the benefit of all!!”

– Lauren Grundy

"In my own home, I have successfully used HTA to introduce a new rescue kitten into our home with our 10 year old dog and 7 year old cat. We are one happy family now. I used HTA to work through digestive issues with both cats, both are healthy, eating well and 'regular' now. This had been a huge stressor in the household with months of runny stools. I use HTA for volunteer work at a local cat rescue here in Memphis and an organization that rescues dogs from the streets of Memphis. I have seen the HTA + essential oils help with behavioral issues, digestive and appetite issues, anxiety, and more. I have used HTA with clients for healing after joint and ligament surgeries, to reduce anxiety, and for overall wellness with aging pets. I really love this work and am very excited to continue my training through certification and beyond and establish a thriving HTA practice in Memphis."

– Jennifer Parsely

“Healing Touch for Animals has been invaluable for me to find my path into the heart. This program has enabled me to step out of the corporate world and step into my passion. Assisting the furry companions with everything from injury & illness, stress & anxiety, trauma & bonding, to behavior and transition has been life purposeful and fulfilling. These classes have taught me how to connect with these beautiful companions in the deepest way, unite them with spirit, balance their energy within and without their body, and bring them into harmony. When working with shelter animals, their needs can be vast and overwhelming. Healing Touch for Animals has given me the tools I need to assist each one to find their forever home. It has been so very fulfilling to work with these traumatized fur-balls who have been struggling with health or emotional issues and are at the shelter for longer than desired and then the following week finding them adopted! On a personal level, I have been able to assist my own adopted dog through trauma and reaction, behavior issues, healing from a torn ACL without surgery, and much more. I am blessed to have found Healing Touch for Animals as it has not only changed my life but also changed the lives of so many animals and their humans. Utilizing 30 plus techniques stepping into the heart and intuition, has been invaluable. I have found such joy and completeness since I first stepped into this incredible journey of compassion and service."

– Darla Dayer

“Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) classes have been amazing! I started my journey in HTA in November of 2017 taking the first class. I immediately fell in love with the work! I have taken classes through Level 3, and will be finishing up level 4 in June and AP in August. I am an animal lover, being raised around cats and dogs. I had no experience with horses, but this didn’t matter. The horses used in the classes are very gentle and we are given horse 101 prior to the horse class. I have enjoyed seeing the dogs and horses in class transform. On top of it, everything I’ve learned I get to bring back home to help my own animals, and animals of my friends, family and the public. The instructors and coordinators for all of the classes have been exceptional to work with and truly enjoy their work. It feels good knowing I can use the Healing Touch for Animals® techniques to help animals with a variety of issues, whether pain, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, the list goes on. I highly recommend this program. Just give the first class, level 1 a try, you will see how incredible it truly is to do this work.”

– Jadie Winters

“Great way of showing compassion for these beautiful animals in need.”

– Gina Nichols

“HTA is a gift not only for your own animals, but it’s such a gift for not only the other animals you may help, but for yourself as well.”

– Kay Hurley

“It works!!! truly amazing to see results!!”

– Sharron Roddy

“Healing Touch for Animals® provides an excellent and believable method, of caring for animals to the highest degree. I have always loved animals throughout my life. Healing Touch has given me the tools to care for them, to a much larger extent than I thought possible. It's a valuable learning experience for anyone that truly cares and loves animals!”

– Lee Gysel

“Learning about energy fields/centers, what role they play in an animal's overall well-being, and how to help them is incredible.”

– Paula Moore

“All of it, my assistance dog loves the touch of it so much that she is jealous of others and will go to the point pushing them away so she may take their place...!”

– Norman Cote

“I have been so blessed to work with some amazing animals during their transitions to the next life. One little one in particular was a beautiful 18 year old cat who was growing progressively weaker and was having trouble standing. His "mom" asked me to work with him. I offered bridging and EHB to him. The change in him was amazing. I spoke to him about the other side during our session and he grew calm and seemed to get a smile on his face. His mom was surprised that his body no longer appeared caved in and cool but was puffed up and warm. He laid his paw on my hand and I felt gratitude. He passed that night peacefully with his mom close by. I will never forget him!"

– Chris Gehlsen

“I just finished level one in Philadelphia this past weekend. This learning and level of consciousness has changed my life! I now know my plan to use my love of animals, my certification as a dog trainer and my practitioner status. I can't wait to practice what I learned and continue with level 2."

– Cindy Kaeble