Advanced Proficiency Course Overview

The three full days of Healing Touch for Animals® Advanced Proficiency (AP) will increase your awareness of the inner workings of the Hara while you learn additional techniques to enhance the healing process.

The AP techniques offered will address the body’s life force balance, focus on the energetic origins of issues, and address more concerning physical problems. You will learn how deep trauma is held and how to support the release of the energetic disturbance created by trauma.

The frequencies of the techniques bring the energy level of the recipient and the practitioner to a higher energetic level. Essential oil suggestions are discussed for each technique taught, while HTA protocols are shared to add guidance for specific concerns.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Advanced Proficiency Course Structure


The Fundamentals class includes a review of HTA Level 4 techniques, and practical situations are addressed to strengthen the practitioner’s abilities.

The practitioner’s self-care is addressed while offering one of the animal techniques to help find causation for ongoing health and emotional energetic patterns.Nine explicit HTA Protocols are taught, guiding the practitioner to help animals endure ongoing health, stress, and emotional concerns.

Small Animal

During the Small Animal class, HTA techniques will be taught to increase the body’s energy frequency giving added ability to help an animal physically, emotionally, and instinctually.

Techniques addressing life force and physical support on an energetic level are offered. Deep-seated trauma (PTSD) is addressed to help an animal release complex issues energetically. A higher frequency technique is provided to accelerate balance, clear, and strengthen the energy system.

You are encouraged to bring your well-behaved dog to the in-person class (not mandatory).

Large Animal
Experiencing all the HTA Advanced Proficiency techniques with the horse anchors the energetic understanding of the techniques taught because of the larger volume of energy flowing into their body.

These added skills taught will help the practitioner gain a deeper understanding of how energy therapy supports wholeness and well-being.

Horse safety instruction is provided during
the in-person class.

Advanced Proficiency Course Objectives


Energetic Disturbance Origin

Surrender to Healing

Physical Energetic Support & Soul Retrieval

Deep-Seated Trauma


Amygdala Trauma Release™

Bridging with Life Force™

Core Actualization™

Hara Origin Stabilization™

Hara Suspension™


Performance Animal Protocol

Birthing Protocol

Lactation Protocol

Colic/Torsion Protocol

Euthanasia Protocol

Laminitis/Founder Protocol

Seizure Disorder Protocol

Rescue/Adoption Protocol

Transfer of Ownership Protocol

Course Experience

In-Person Course:

In-person courses are typically scheduled on weekends. Advanced Proficiency (AP) is a entire 3 day course, each day building upon the previous day's teachings. On the first day, you will review all Level 4 techniques and the foundational techniques to AP. The following day you will work hands-on with dogs as you practice the techniques with other students in class. You will work hands-on with horses on the final day of class, thus experiencing how to apply the techniques to a larger animal. Each course is taught by one of our incredible HTA Certified Instructors.

Printed workbooks and energy assessment tools are provided during the in-person course. Tuning forks (sound therapy) and essential oils (aroma therapy) are available to purchase at the correlating courses.

In-Person Course Schedule
Advanced Proficiency Fundamentals Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Small Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Large Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm