Healing Touch for Animals® Level 2 Online Course
Get ready to take healing and energy awareness to a higher level!

Look What's in Store For You in Level 2!

Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) course builds on the Level 1 basics. Students learn more advanced techniques and new concepts, including sound therapy for energy field and space clearing and energetic detective work. Students learn how to work with traumatized animals and how to release the energetic congestion around trauma. Step-by-step instructions are provided for each of the new techniques as well as the prerequisites and protocols.

Through a series of videos, Carol Komitor will guide you through the purpose, use, intent and hand placements for each technique. The instructional videos demonstrate each technique on a dog, horse, a human (when applicable) although all techniques may be applied to any species. Corresponding workbook reading sections are identified with each technique, and the complete Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) workbook (in digital format) is available to each student.

This 4-hour training includes:

  • 25 instructional videos
  • Complete 120-page comprehensive Level 2 workbook (digital format)
  • Corresponding workbook reading sections noted with each video
  • Progressive open book knowledge and understanding questionnaire
  • Bonus Content
  • Electronic certificate of completion

Upon completion of the Level 2 online course, the student is eligible to move on to the Level 3 course. For those who have already attended an in-person course, this is an excellent opportunity to watch these in-depth training videos of Carol Komitor as she presents the entire HTA Level 2 course.

Advantages of An Online Class

Some students begin taking online classes not by choice, but by necessity. Perhaps they can't get away from life's responsibilities or live too far away from an in-person class. Whatever the reason, most find that they like it. Y
ou will be able to pause, stop and/or restart your lesson at any time; watch videos as many times as you want; and have continuous access to the course. Give it a try - you will find that an online HTA course is perfect for your personal and professional lifestyle.

Lesson / Video Descriptions

Introduction to Healing Touch for Animals® Level 2
Level 2 will set new heights for your animal work. New understanding, techniques, tools, and your BIG heart will create a better connection with your animals!

Lesson 1
Body Systems and Health Support
Knowing the systems of the body and how they work together like a well-oiled machine will enhance your understanding of the HTA techniques and how to apply them.

Lesson 2
Energetic Detective Work™
Did you ever pretend you were Sherlock Holmes? Learn how to use your detective persona to help our animals.

Lesson 3
The practice of meditation helps to be more present in everything you do! This meditation includes the Pair 5 Tuners used in our sound therapy techniques.

Lesson 4

Vertebral Release and Repair™
This lesson will show you an additional way to use your pendulum to assess the body. The Vertebral Release and Repair™ technique will release blockages that cause discomfort and help stabilize the spine and joints for optimum health.

Vertebral Release and Repair™ (Horse Demo)
This highly effective technique is easily applied to horses and other large animals.

Thixotropic Response - A Mad Scientist Experiment

Prerequisites for
Vertebral Release and Repair™ (Lessons from Level 1)
Chakra Balance for Animals

A full-body balancing technique, Chakra Balance for Animals™ is considered a foundational application to provide health.

Chakra Balance for Animals
™ (Horse Demo)
Chakra Balance for Animals™ - Horse Application

Bridging™ will provide a full-body balancing using only the throat and heart chakras.

(Horse Demo)
Bridging™ - Horse Application

Lesson 5
Animals and The Grieving Process
Learn the way animals process grief and how you can help.

Lesson 6
Euthanasia Protocol
These two valuable techniques will help any animal and their caretakers through the end-of-life process.

Prerequisite for Euthanasia Protocol (Lessons from Level 1)
Etheric Heartbeat™

Etheric Heartbeat™ is a high frequency technique that continues to work long after the healing session.

Etheric Heartbeat™ (Horse Demo)
Etheric Heartbeat™ - Horse Application

Lesson 7

Personality Identification
Katie Perry, Merle Streep, Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Denzel Washington, Jerry Seinfeld??? Learn why it is important to know who you are assisting and how to stay safe.

Lesson 8

Grounding and Focus™
This technique stabilizes the energy system as if the feet were planted in to the ground while affecting the balance of the entire energy system.

Lesson 9

Trauma Release™
Trauma is sometimes difficult to work through, but our HTA Trauma Release technique is gentle and effective to repair the energy system after experiencing trauma.

Grounding and Focus™ with Trauma Release™ (Horse Demo)
This lesson brings two energetically supportive HTA techniques together. This application is excellent when working with animals who have experienced trauma.

Lesson 10

Tuning Forks
Introducing sound therapy! The Pair 5 Tuners will use sound to create energy clearing and balance to move forward.

Lesson 11
Pair 5 Tuners for Humans
Our body, mind and spirit are equally affected by sound. The Pair 5 Tuners will strengthen the energy system with a gentle sound therapy application.

Lesson 12
Energy Field Clearing™ for Humans
Feeling sluggish or overwhelmed? A congested energy field is easily cleared using the Pair 5 Tuners!

Energy Field Clearing™ (Dog Demo)
This video demonstrates how to work with a small animal using the Pair 5 Tuners.

Energy Field Clearing™ (Horse Demo)
Learn to clear the energy field of a horse using Pair 5 Tuners.

Lesson 13
Space Clearing

Learn how the use of Pair 5 Tuners to clear congested energy and create a harmonious environment for health and well-being.

Lesson 14
Session Protocol

How you manage the details within a full session is an important aspect of the HTA Practitioner. Learn how to complete a full session including how to document the details.

Closing Video

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