Meet Our Incredible Team
The many people behind Healing Touch for Animals® support our animals and their people in a variety of ways. Our instructors, students, coordinators and administrative support staff are vital resources that enable us to share this work globally.

Our Instructors uphold the integrity of the program as they teach other animal advocates this work. Their commitment to sharing the Healing Touch for Animals® philosophies and techniques is their #1 priority. Our instructors have personally been mentored by Carol Komitor and share her passion for excellence.

Our Coordinators bring communities together and support each individual student in both classes and volunteer / practice groups. Our dedicated coordinators spend many hours connecting with animal lovers and animal organizations alike, spreading the word about the many benefits of Healing Touch for Animals®.

Our Administrative Support Team is committed to the vision of HTA to bringing the awareness of Healing Touch for Animals® to communities around the globe. They support our instructors, coordinators and students while maintaining the administrative foundation needed to share this remarkable work.

Together, we are Healing Touch for Animals®

Carol Komitor, CMT, HTCP/I, ESMT, HTACP HTA Founder & Director, Instructor
Carol Komitor is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner/Instructor, a Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Hospital Based Massage Therapist, and an Equine Sports Massage Therapist. As founder and director of Komitor Healing Method, Inc. (KHM) and Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA), Carol has been a leading authority in the forefront of energy medicine and bio-field therapies for animals since 1996. She easily shares her passion for energy medicine with her students and finds great joy in honing their skills to enhance the well-being of our animal population.

Carol can assess a particular situation and break it down into the components of energy dynamics. This talent allows her to facilitate the animal’s healing process and create change in the patterns of chronic illness or misbehavior. Carol’s enthusiasm shines as she shares HTA/KHM with her students. Her integrity, professionalism and dedication to cooperative applications to veterinary medicine come through as she presents the HTA/KHM curriculum. She sees the diversity of her classroom participants and honors each one as they bring their own special talents to the HTA work.

Kate Brown, HTACP, HTA Instructor
Kate Brown lives in Utica, Illinois, and has her own private practice, Kate Brown Healing Essentials. She works with energy healing and aromatherapy to assist animals and people with the stress and challenges that arise from competition, trauma, chronic health concerns and more. She became a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Certified Practitioner in 2011 and has completed the HTA Advanced Proficiency training.

Kate is on staff as a Certified Clinical Aromatherapy Instructor with the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy as well, and teaches classes nationally. She is a Healing Touch Spiritual Practitioner and a Certified Pranakryia Yoga Instructor. Kate has also studied Healing Touch (humans), Reflexology and Animal Communication. She resides with her husband and two indoor kids (Newton and Gus) and two outdoor kids (Boomer and Playboy).

"HTA is an incredible way to help animals find balance on all levels. The healing that takes place with HTA for the animal and their human can be nothing short of miraculous. Helping Animals to find relaxation and build a foundation of wellness is one of the great gift’s that HTA brings."

Kimi Cousins, HTACP, HTA Instructor
With a BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Kimi has made her career in corporate IT. However, the joys that animals bring have always been a big part of Kimi's life. This love of animals and her immersion in Healing Touch for Animals® has opened up new roads for her as an HTA Certified Practitioner and now an instructor. Kimi feels that this work is incredible, sharing the work with others is even better and seeing the results with the animals is simply inspirational to do more! Kimi is excited to be on this shared journey with so many exceptional people and is grateful for this new life path.

Kimi has completed multiple classes in Healing Touch (for people), Reiki, as well as, ISHA Clinical Certification Aromatherapy 301 and is driven to continue this learning path. She is also involved in Australian Shepherd Rescue, a local Bird Club and enjoys gardening. She and her husband Paul live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and are active in the local MG Car Club.

“The connection I feel when my hands are on an animal is powerful, motivating and humbling. Oh, the places we can go and the things we can do with this amazing healing work for animals and people alike. I encourage everyone to open their hearts and find their possibilities."

Madeleine Ferbal, MA, HHP, HTCP, HTACP, HTA Instructor
Madeleine completed her undergraduate studies in International Relations and Spanish at the University of San Diego, her Master of Arts in Spanish at the University of Virginia and returned to the University of San Diego to complete her Master of Arts in Nonprofit Leadership and Management in 2020. She has been in and out of the education field since 1989 teaching a variety of subjects which include Spanish, scholastic journalism, all-source Analysis, team building, administration and energy work.

Madeleine began her Healing Touch (HT) journey in 2004, while concurrently conducting her Holistic Health Practitioner studies which she completed in 2007. After finishing her HT studies for humans, she became a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner in 2008 and completes her recertification every five years.

Because of her desire to help improve the health and well-being of her two schipperkes at the time, Madeleine began her Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) studies in the fall of 2008 by attending the Level 1 course in Denver with the intention of bringing the classes back to San Diego and growing the HTA community in southern California. She became the HTA San Diego coordinator in the fall of 2008, and by spring of 2012, she completed her HTA certification and became a Healing Touch for Animals® instructor.

In 2014, she joined the Board of Directors of Healing Touch California to reach more people regarding the benefits of HTA. When not teaching, Madeleine enjoys being outdoors, focusing her time on her private healing practice of animals and their humans as well as spending time with other HTA practitioners volunteering in the community. She resides in San Diego County with her spouse and their second set of two schipperkes, previously two females Liberty and Justice Ferbal, and now two males Rudy and Desmond.

“It is exciting being part of an educational organization/movement which advocates and teaches that we are all capable of improving the health and well-being of animals. I am grateful for the heart-centered connection I make with people because of this work.”

Henriëtte Roosendaal, HTACP, HTA Instructor
Henriëtte Roosendaal has spent her lifetime around all kind of animals, especially horses, and feels a special connection with them. She has more than 30 years’ experience in riding and training horses in Dressage, Reining and Halter. In 2004, she attended her first Healing Touch for humans class.

When Carol Komitor taught a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Level 1 Course in the Netherlands a year later, Henriëtte was immediately interested. During that first class she recognized HTA would have a big impact on her life and during the following years she traveled to the United States to attend the upper levels of HTA to develop her skills. She is impressed by the results HTA has shown her as she works on all kinds of animals with a variety of issues. Henriëtte had a successful career as a Process Architect designing large business changes on an organizational and system level but is now full time working in her private practice “Pets & People” and her Young Living business VitaLeven.

As an HTA Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 instructor, she gladly shares her enthusiasm with her students in the Netherlands and looks forward to sharing HTA in other parts of Europe.

“It is wonderful to see students from different backgrounds recognize the animal’s reaction during an HTA treatment. This makes them enthusiastic about the role they can play to improve the lives of many animals with the use of the HTA techniques. That is what makes teaching the HTA Courses so special!”

Ria Roosendaal, HTACP, HTA Instructor
Ria Roosendaal has spent all her life around animals and owns a lovely quarter horse gelding Sparkling Boomernic. She feels the animals can teach people many things.

Ria has worked in one of the largest sales organizations of the Netherlands which specializes in internet advertisement. Her background also includes extensive experience in marketing and public relations having worked for several companies in that capacity. During her 30 years of riding experience in Dressage and over 20 years in Reining and Halter, Ria has worked extensively with competition horses.

In 2004, she experienced Healing Touch for humans, and then attended the first Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Course held in the Netherlands in 2005.

Ria feels there are endless possibilities for HTA to change the lives of animals and their owners. She traveled to the United States several times to attend the upper levels of HTA and expand her knowledge and is an HTA Certified Practitioner since 2010.

Ria has combined her business experience and her private practice of “Pets & People” and her Young Living business VitaLeven.

As an HTA Level 1, 2, 3 and 4 Instructor, she gladly shares her enthusiasm with her students in the Netherlands and Switzerland and looks forward to sharing HTA in other parts of Europe. Ria’s goal is to give students the awareness and confidence to develop their own HTA skills to help our animals.

"HTA gives an opportunity to develop a deeper connection between people and all animals. It is very rewarding when participants experience the heart-to-heart connection when they work with the HTA techniques.”

Pamela Stanner BA, BS, RDH, HTACP, HTA Instructor
Pamela is ready to introduce Healing Touch for Animals ® and energy work in general to the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. She currently owns her own animal business, Cherokee Moon Healing Arts for Animals, and incorporates energy work and bodywork for her canine, equine, feline and a few human clients. She also works part time as a dental hygienist.

Achieving Healing Touch for Animals® Certification in January 2017, Pamela is additionally trained in Equissage, Masterson Method, TTouch and Barnes Equine Myofascial Release Level 1. Her objective is to continue to learn and practice different modalities and skills that will allow her to offer specialty treatments, mainly to animals, for the great well-being and comfort of the animal or client.

“HTA gave me the missing link that I have been seeking in my animal business. I discovered that without the energetic body being cleared, balanced, and stabilized, the physical issue cannot be fully resolved."

Course Coordinators

Robin Phelps, Denver, Colorado Coordinator
(970) 310-6998
A lifelong lover of animals and energy work, Robin brings her passion for both to her own international private practice, Absolute Wellness and to the Healing Touch for Animals® program as Supervising Coordinator. Working with animals and people, Robin uses a wide variety of tools to assess and facilitate healing for her client's individual needs. In addition to her extensive experience with Healing Touch for Animals and for people, she is certified in Aromatherapy, Herbology, Acupressure, Animal Communication and Crystology, plus offers Energetic Space Clearing.

Since 1992, Robin has specialized in initiating a proactive view towards health and wellness that creates an enhanced lifestyle - one that promotes balance and the essential maintenance of whole body health. Robin believes in healing from the source of the issue, allowing the body to both heal and create the building blocks necessary to prevent future health issues before they arise. Growing up on a farm allowed Robin to connect with a variety of animals. She and her family are currently the guardians of three horses, two dogs and a cat.

“In addition to overall wellness, the deep connection that HTA creates between animals and humans is a true gift to all involved."

Alison Martin, Tucson, Arizona Coordinator
(308) 391-1540
For over 25 years, Alison has been making a positive difference in the lives of animals and their people through her professional work. She is the founder of Animal Soul Connection and is a compassionate Animal Communicator, Energy Practitioner, Pet Loss Grief Guide and Educator.

Alison's lifelong passion is improving the lives of animals around the world, and guiding people to discover their own intuition.

Alison's favorite quote is 'Animals are not just living things. They are beings with lives. Unique individuals with personality traits and a library of knowledge built on experience. What you are witnessing is not just biology, but a biography' by Charles Littleleaf.

Alison and her husband live near Tucson, Arizona with their wonderful family of five dogs, two horses and two goats and is thrilled to be bringing Healing Touch for Animals ® to the Tucson area as the local coordinator.

Susan Kastner, Carmel California Coordinator
(831) 402-5330

Susan first experienced Healing Touch (for humans) when diagnosed with cancer in February of 2019. She was fortunate to partner with a volunteer Healing Touch certified provider where she received adjunct therapy and understood firsthand the powerful impact of the energy modality.

It was on her own journey to become a Healing Touch provider for humans that she discovered Healing Touch for Animals, which instantly became her foremost passion. Synchronicity enable her to attend Healing Touch for Animals Level 1 and 2 in Switzerland and the impact was so profound that she was immediately driven to complete Levels 3 and 4 in Denver with Carol Komitor.

Healing Touch for Animals elevated Susan to a higher sense of understanding of her dog, "Zuri," who in turn, has taught Susan about energy in the household. Through the program, Susan now has the ability to positively affect her environment, resulting in a happy home that is clear of congestion. Working with animals, great and small, gives Susan a tremendous sense of fulfillment.

Susan has had a 30+ year career with the Federal Government and still serves as a Human Resource Officer.

Lynda Evans, San Diego, California Coordinator
(619) 572-0599

An avid animal lover and full time Pet Sitter, Lynda is a Southern California native. She became a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1993 and focused her business on Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. Her two favorite clients were her son, Lee and their Golden Retriever, Bear. Both were recipients of weekly massages.

It was during COVID that she dove into attaining even more training in the healing world.She received certifications as a Master Practitioner in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypno-therapy, ICF Coaching and Usui Holy Fire Reiki I and II, following up recently with certification in Reiki III and now Reiki Master Practitioner. She wanted to dig deeper....This lead her to Healing Touch for Animals®!

She is beyond excited to be part of the HTA team. Lynda enjoys spending time with her 3 grandchildren and her 2 grand dogs. Along with loving travel, her other hobbies include being an avid birder, time in the ocean, hiking, working in the garden, cooking a gourmet meal or snuggling with one of her 50+ furry clients.

"Distance healing with humans is great.....Healing animals is beyond amazing and an incredible blessing!"

Joy Fowler, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Coordinator
(919) 448-1485
Joy Fowler is a North Carolina native, a retired schoolteacher, and a lifelong lover of animals. She lives in an 1848 farmhouse and enjoys being a historical interpreter, sewing, and writing novels. She shares time with horses, dogs, cats, and grandchildren, all liberally sprinkled with healing touches and essential oils.

Pamela Stanner, Knoxville, Tennessee Coordinator
(865) 617-6745

Pamela is ready to introduce Healing Touch for Animals ® and energy work in general to the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. She currently owns her own animal business, Cherokee Moon Healing Arts for Animals, and incorporates energy work and bodywork for her canine, equine, feline and a few human clients. She also works part time as a dental hygienist.

Achieving Healing Touch for Animals® Certification in January 2017, Pamela is additionally trained in Equissage, Masterson Method, TTouch and Barnes Equine Myofascial Release Level 1. Her objective is to continue to learn and practice different modalities and skills that will allow her to offer specialty treatments, mainly to animals, for the great well-being and comfort of the animal or client.

Diane Falls-Vander Haak, Edmonton, Alberta Canada Coordinator
(780) 203-2642
As a proud Indigenous woman, I have always had a natural connection to the energies of animals and people alike, and to Mother Earth. This has led me down a path realizing my abilities and honing them through the connection of the Healing Touch for Animals program. HTA was the beginning of my own Healing journey, and it has changed my life forever. I am a Practitioner of Healing Touch for Animals Advanced Practitioner since 2012.

My private practice is 'Healing Horse and Rider', where I am able to help the animals and their people; physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and intuitively, with the understanding that the energies of the horse and rider are intertwined in such a way that affects them both. I am in awe of the experience of balancing energies of either the horse or rider, and often both. There are no words to describe the feeling I get while I am using Healing Touch for Animals. I live on a farm about 30 miles northwest of Edmonton, Alberta where I have five Quarter Horses, two of them I ride competitively. I have the following training; Shamanic (Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine), Reiki Master, essential oils and Raindrop Therapy, various body therapies, including Healing Touch, massage and sound therapy.

Ria & Henriette Roosendaal, Midden Netherlands Coordinator Team
011 31 6 53326504

Marilena Bonetti, Graubenden, CH Switzerland Coordinator
+41 79 349 24 09
Emphatic specialist with broad and varied experience in different fields. Marilena started her journey with HTA in 2018. Since then, she has attended all courses until AP 1 and is the first HTACP in Switzerland, since 2021. Her business background is the environment in the hospitality industry, the food industry, the financial service department as well as the insurance sector. Within these fields, she has worked in several Executive Assistant positions. Furthermore, she started to build up her own practice “Tier und Mensch im Fokus” in 2019 and has decided to fully commit to the new path since February 2022.

Her practice focuses on pets and people and includes other holistic approaches such as Bach Flower therapy, Aromatherapy as well as Healing Touch for humans. She furthermore works as an Animal Communicator since 2013. She is a passionate horse person and has had two Icelandic horses since 2007. She loves cooking and all kind of sports in nature as Stand-up paddling and hiking. HTA is a wonderful journey of learning, teaching, self-healing, and being deeply connected to our wonderful animals.

Office Support

Breianna Ensign, Office Administrator

Breianna brings 18 years of experience in the legal profession as a paralegal to her position here at Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) as our Executive Assistant. Breianna is passionate about helping people, animals, energy work, and healing. She’s a firm believer in the power of combining those passions to make a difference in the world around her. 

Breianna is currently taking the HTA curriculum to further expand her knowledge and plans to become certified. She is grateful to be part of the HTA family and beyond excited to pursue one her lifelong dreams of helping animals. In her free time, she loves riding her motorcycle, camping, and hanging out with family and friends. She also loves to spend time with her two fur babies, a Maine coon named Sampson and a Lab mix named Harley.

Tara McMeekin, Promotions and Marketing

Tara McMeekin has been a content marketing professional for more than 23 years. She is a Colorado native living in Parker. As an animal lover and advocate, Tara enjoys the opportunity to contribute to the Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) mission by helping animals and their humans connect.

She also enjoys learning about the HTA methodology and supporting HTA instructors, coordinators, and practitioners in their journey to do good. In her free time, Tara enjoys spending time with family, watching her son play NCAA Division II collegiate lacrosse, hiking, cooking, and rooting for the Chicago Bears.