Healing Music for Animals and Their People
Volume 1

Music jacket for Healing Touch For Animals -  Volume 1
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Accept Self-healing, Relaxation, and Deeper Connection


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This innovative CD, now a High Fidelity Download, brings the energetic perspectives of Healing Touch
for Animals ® techniques into music, capturing the resonance represented by each technique in a unique way. The sound travels through the body promotion a movement of expansion and contraction that helps release blockages held with the body. It provides an additional tool to assist the animals and their people with relaxation, allowing the body to regulate the immune system to create an avenue for self-healing.


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Healing Music for Animals and Their People - Volume 1
Accept Self-healing, Relaxation, and Deeper Connection

TRACK 1: Etheric Heartbeat (Length 10:11)
Etheric Heartbeat™ is one of the most effective and stabilizing techniques offered through the Healing Touch for Animals ® Program. The music emulates the focus of this technique bringing effervescent energy which emerges from the heart. Unconditional love and compassion then permeate the body and the energy field that surrounds it as the effect of the sounds provides an avenue to self-heal.

TRACK 2: Connecting (Length 11:56)
The music represented in this track allows the body to align with the unlimited energy in nature. The sounds create an alignment and path for the energy to flow through the body at a greater capacity, establishing a strengthening within the body. An energetic path then opens to enhance a constant balance of energy flow physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, represented by the Healing Touch for Animals ® techniques used for Hara stabilization. Let the music bring you to a deeper connection with animals and humans.

TRACK 3: Bridging (Length 6:35)
The body’s true expression and unconditional love form a bridge within the energy system while listening to this track. The soothing melody creates energetic movement allowing an avenue for greater focus, helping the body to balance and heal.

TRACK 4: Trauma Release (Length 9:34)
The music on this track brings the trauma held in the body to the edge of awareness without repeating the traumatic experience. The sounds help to form the emotional tension point allowing for release and resolve aiding in the healing process in a gentle way.

TRACK 5: Life Force (Length 13:19)
This track is meant to activate the life force giving support for the healing process. The music matches the concepts of the Chi Balance™ technique taught in the Healing Touch for Animals ® Program. The additional life force will help stabilize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects in the body.

TRACK 6: Animal Council (Length 9:23)

This music honors the animals around the planet bringing in the instinctual energies of all living creatures. This track gives recognition of the capability animals have to help us heal...unconditionally. Humans and animals alike will benefit from the spiral movement created by the sounds which are based on the resonant frequency of the planet (7.865 Hz), known as the Schumann Earth Cavity Resonance.

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