Private Sessions and Mentoring with Carol Komitor, Founder of Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA)

Carol offers private sessions for both humans and animals through her private practice. She also provides educational coaching and mentoring to practitioners seeking one-on-one support.

Carol's private practice encompasses both human and animal patients. Because energy-based sessions are not restricted by distance, sessions can be conducted without the person or animal being physically present. In fact, the majority of Carol’s sessions are done through distance. Sessions are typically 90 minutes in length.

Session Packages
The package consists of five (5) sessions with Carol Komitor. The five (5) sessions may be divided and given as gifts, used for yourself and/or your animals. The package is available to HTA Practitioners and Non-HTA Practitioners and must be used within one year or purchase. Packages are priced as follows:

Educational Coaching and Mentoring
Carol provides advanced educational coaching and mentoring by phone, assisting Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioners to expand their skills. Carol answers case-specific questions and also addresses Healing Touch for Animals® techniques, essential oils, tuning fork application, and the overall energetic perspective of animals and their people.

What her clients are saying...
"I wanted to reach out and tell you how grateful I am for you and your healing work. I had been injured in two car accidents, incurring TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and many other injuries. I had many ongoing symptoms, pain, Post-Concussion syndrome, PTSD, etc. Chronic pain is very draining on all levels. The Doctors were wonderful, and many things helped. However, they could not find the cause or resolve my symptoms. But, Carol could!

In my case, my first healing session became the basis for my recovery. My first session was the most dramatic and allowed my system to open and balance to move forward in the healing process (Hara Repair and Balance). With joy, I knew my healing journey had begun!Some healing techniques provided impressive results where I could sense progress immediately (Amygdala Trauma Release, Hara Origin). In other sessions, I could feel steady progress…all moving me closer to recovery. I have experienced greatly reduced symptoms and pain. I have also experienced increased grounding, energy levels and returning joy!"

With Gratitude,


The Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) techniques being provided promotes a cooperative model that bridges holistic animal healthcare with traditional veterinary medicine. HTA techniques are intended to enhance the animal's healing process and do not replace traditional veterinary healthcare. Carol Komitor is not a licensed veterinarian and therefore does not diagnose, prescribe medications or perform surgery. Please refer to a licensed veterinarian for traditional medical care or for questions concerning specific illness.