Healing Touch for Animals® Online Courses

Some students begin taking online classes not by choice, but by necessity. Perhaps they can't get away from life's responsibilities or live too far away from an in-person class. Whatever the reason, most find that they like it. You can pause, stop, and/or restart your lesson anytime, watch videos as many times as you want, and have continuous access to the course. Give it a try - you will find that an online HTA course is perfect for your personal and professional lifestyles.

Through a series of videos, Founder Carol Komitor will guide you through each technique's purpose, use, intent, and hand placements. The instructional videos demonstrate each technique on a person (when applicable), a dog, and a horse, although all techniques may be applied to any species. Corresponding workbook reading sections are identified with each technique, and the complete Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) workbook (in digital format) is available to each student for each level.

Healing Touch for Animals Level 1

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Healing Touch for Animals Level 2

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Healing Touch for Animals Level 3