Healing Touch for Animals® Coordinator Job Description

General Responsibilities

Our Coordinators are a vital part of our organization as they bring communities together across the globe and support each individual student in both classes and volunteer/practice groups. Our dedicated coordinators spend many hours connecting with animal lovers and animal organizations alike, spreading the word about the many benefits of Healing Touch for Animals®. The average time required to coordinate and HTA Course is 2-5 hours per week. More time is required during the week of the course and after the course to finalize paperwork.


Coordinators are required to attend a Healing Touch for Animals® Level 1 Course prior to coordinating. The coordinator must have a working knowledge of their city and surrounding area, with an established personal and professional network. Our most successful coordinators practice HTA regularly, thus networking and meeting new people who also care deeply about animals.

Personal Attributes

• Friendly and open presenting a positive, upbeat presence
• Relates to a wide variety of people
• Self-motivated – Requires minimal supervision
• Inspires and empowers individuals about HTA
• Demonstrates dedication and high integrity
• Organized and demonstrates planning skills
• Presents self in a professional manner
• Communicates clearly and effectively with individuals and groups
• Attention to details – Able to meet deadlines
• Able to ask appropriate questions concerning HTA course details
• Displays good judgment and decision making

Job Specifics

• Understands the vision and mission of HTA
• Promotes HTA courses in local communities
• Follows the HTA Coordinator Packet instructions and forms
• Accurately provides information about the course to prospective participants
• Maintains the Course Report with course details
• Maintains contact records of interested parties
• Follows the HTA course budget and keep receipts for reimbursement
• Participates in monthly check-in calls
• Attends group Coordinator Zoom Meetings
• Works with the facility managers to handle all logistics regarding course


• Excellent communication skills
• Email
• Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
• Internet
• Social Media

File Requirements

• Completed New Coordinator Questionnaire
• Signed and notarized Confidentially Agreement
• Signed Coordinator Compensation Plan
• Current copy of your resume
• W-9