Bridging People to Animals™ Course Overview

Bridging Animals to People™ is a one-day course developed to introduce you to Healing Touch for Animals® techniques to support your healing practice with people.

Thousands of people who use these techniques with their animals have carried the same principles to their people clients and use them for self-care. If you have an energy therapy background through Healing Touch or other energy-based modality, you can apply these techniques within the Bridging Animals to People™ course to your practice.

Each technique offers the opportunity to clear, balance, and stabilize their energy system. The techniques enhance the healing process through the body’s natural physiological reaction and relaxation response. In this class, you will learn techniques to create balance, establish deeper grounding, increase energetic frequency, stabilize the physical and emotional body, amplify the presence of unconditional love, and promote a routine for self-care.

Techniques for Humans:

  • Bridging™
  • Grounding and Focus™
  • Energy Frequency Balance™
  • Komitor Headache Relief™
  • Core Actualization™
  • Etheric Heartbeat™


The Bridging Animals to People™ student is required to have a knowledge base of energy therapy and facilitation.