Healing Music for Animals and Their People
Volume 3

Music jacket for Healing Touch For Animals -  Volume 3
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Accept Self-healing, Relaxation, and Deeper Connection


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This innovative CD, Now a High Fidelity Download, brings the energetic perspectives of Healing Touch for Animals ® techniques into music. Volume III is intended to assist the listeners to reach their highest potential and achieve their goals of healing. Unlimited possibilities unfold as the music supports the listener through energetic equilibrium and balance. A neutral listening space is provided to open and clear any imbalance being experienced and replace those blockages with steadiness to make change. Healing begins! Add Volume III of the Healing Touch for Animals and Their People.


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Celebration comes to mind with the strength of sounds in this musical composition. This music reaches a deeper resonance creating energy system stabilization while allowing a sense of lightness to body, mind, and spirit. The listener can grasp optimum possibilities to self-heal. This CD is a must for those who desire the best of wellness for animals and people.

TRACK 1: At the Start (Length 12:09)
A music creation that helps clear stagnant energy at the causation of an issue, then adds stability and strength for an individual to thrive in the present and beyond. (Hara Origin Stabilization™)

TRACK 2: Energy Integration (Length 10:21)
This musical composition easily releases energetic congestion as the whole energy system integrates. This music helps provide energetic balance, stabilization, and increased vitality to restore the body to wholeness.

TRACK 3: Thumbprint (Length 6:06)
The energetic frequencies embodied by essential oils and plants' natural healing properties are represented in this music. These sounds mimic the pure essence of lavender to frankincense to support the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. (Thumbprint Balance™)

TRACK 4: Magnified Balance (Length 7:12)
The music enhances true expression and unconditional love as a life force energy imprints the body to accelerate communication, health, and healing. (Bridging with Life Force™)

TRACK 5: Lubrication of Sound (Length 6:57)Focused on the interval of the fifth, this music helps the body clear energetic congestion while it provides a sense of being grounded and motivates the individual

TRACK 6: Lighting the Grid (Length 7:29)
The sounds amplify the energy body to work at its best. Energy pulses through each cross-section of the body's energetic grid as it activates the individual's best to support healing, wholeness, and magnification of one's purpose. (Core Actualization™)

TRACK 7: Insects to Elephants (Length 4:56)
This composition offers an energetic balance of love and respect for all life and brings a sense of peace and well-being to support survival of all species

TRACK 8: Suspension (Length 6:32)
These sounds bring a grounded lightness to release energetic tension which allows the body to surrender to healing. This is the finest of all places to touch the essence of the soul's capabilities. (Hara Suspension™)

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