Level 1 Course Overview

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is for everyone interested in improving the lives of their animals through energy therapy. In Level 1, you will learn the philosophies of Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) and the application of energy therapy techniques for animals. During the course, an easy explanation of the physiological response of how animals and people respond to energy therapy is provided and demonstrated.

You will learn how to assess the energy body using touch and off the body techniques. After the energy assessments, you will learn 12 fundamental techniques to support any animal, large or small, including birds, mammals, reptiles, aquatics and exotics.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and are able to begin the process to become a Certified Practitioner through the Healing Touch for Animals Certification Program.

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Level 1 Course Structure

Introduction to Healing Touch

The Introduction to Healing Touch (for humans) class provides a basic understanding of energy therapy facilitation. During the in-person class you will work hands-on with other students as you experience energy therapy facilitation.
You will learn the importance of self-care and self-healing. This class will prepare you with the basic understanding of Healing Touch so you are ready to learn energy therapy concepts for animals during the small and large animal classes.

Small Animal

The Small Animal Class teaches you the concepts
of Healing Touch for Animals®. During the in-person class, you will work hands-on with dogs as you learn the first 12 foundational HTA techniques to balance, clear, and strengthen an animal’s energy system,
providing health and well-being.

You will also learn the energetic differences of other species, the energetics of the instinctual nature of animals, and the energy of the animal/human bond.

Your well-behaved dog is encouraged to attend the
in-person class (not mandatory).

Large Animal
The in-person Large Animal Class features hands-on experience with horses as you delve deeper into understanding the HTA techniques and anchor the knowledge gained from the Small Animal Class.

This class provides an opportunity to experience the large energy system of the horse. Students have reported that working with the horses gave them a greater energetic awareness of what was happening as they applied the HTA techniques.

Horse safety instruction is provided during
the in-person class.

Course Objectives


Foundation Energy Facilitation

Physiological Response to Energy Therapy

Animal vs. Human Energy Systems

Energy Presence

Blending Energy

Practitioner Professionalism

Different Species Factors

Energy Assessments


Chakra Balance™

Magnetic Clearing for Animals™


Double Hand Boost


Vibrational Grooming™


Bridging with Behavioral Change™

Etheric Heartbeat™

Self-Chakra Balance™

Activate Your Energy Hands

Energy Facilitation with a Person

Course Experience Options

In-Person Course:

In-person courses are typically scheduled on weekends. Level 1 is a 2 1/2 day course, each day building upon the previous day's teachings. On the first day, you will work alongside other students in the class to learn basic energy facilitation. The following day you will work hands-on with dogs as you practice the techniques with other students in class. You will work hands-on with horses on the final day of class, thus experiencing how to apply the techniques to a larger animal. Each course is taught by one of our incredible HTA Certified Instructors.

Printed workbooks and energy assessment tools are provided during the in-person course. Tuning forks (sound therapy) and essential oils (aroma therapy) are available to purchase at the correlating courses.

In-Person Course Schedule
Level 1 Fundamentals Class: 1/2 day schedule (Times vary by location)
Small Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Large Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Online Course:
30 videos totaling over 5 hours of instruction
Complete 120-page Level 1 workbook (delivered in a digital format)
Corresponding workbook reading sections noted with each video
Progressive open book knowledge and understanding questionnaire

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