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Energetics of Fear Energetics of Fear

"I should have done this video course months ago. The Loss of Friendship section hit me like a ton of bricks. Over the past 2 years I have experienced the loss of my partner of 36 years when we decided to separate. She did take one of our two dogs but she also "collected" many of our mutual friends resulting in my loss of these friends. The hibernation effect described was spot on. This snowballed into my Loss of Vision and Motivation. Yes, my bubble did burst!

It wasn't until I started to release these lost friendships (which perhaps were not true) and resume volunteering HTA work at a horse stable and start volunteering at a local kennel did I feel my energy repair and enabled me to come out of hibernation and resume my journey.

Thanks for the insight to compose this video. I am past the initial blow to my energy and I am much healthier now than I have been in a long time. The validation that this energetic information gives was an incredible boost."

- Joyce K.

Pet Loss Energetics of LOSS

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Level 1 Online Course Level 1 Online Course

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Level 2 Online Course Level 2 Online Course

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