Level 3 Online Course Overview

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Level 3 is designed to raise your energetic frequency through new techniques and aromatherapy (essential oils).

You will work with the life force of the energy body to increase healing capabilities and bring the body to optimal frequency to bring harmony and balance. You will explore the frequency of each chakra and how to create a better balance within the body. You will learn five different ways to apply HTA techniques through distance work. We will dive into aromatherapy using essential oils and how to apply them to animals and people.

This online training includes:

  • 30+ Instructional videos

  • Complete 140-page comprehensive Level 3 workbook (digital format)

  • Corresponding workbook reading sections noted with each video

  • Progressive open book knowledge and understanding questionnaire

  • Bonus video content

  • Electronic Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and are able to begin the process to become a Certified Practitioner through the Healing Touch for Animals Certification Program.

Level 3 Online Course Objectives


Energy Concepts of Pain

Energy System Frequencies

Energetic Support from a Distance

Aromatherapy for Health


Chi Balance™

Distance healing (five approaches)

Energy Frequency Balance™

Essential Oils Application by Inhalation

Essential Oil Thumbprint™ Application

Essential Oils teamed with HTA techniques


HTA Full Session Protocol

Colic/Torsion Protocol

Level 3 Online Course Experience

Through a series of videos, Founder Carol Komitor will guide you through each technique's purpose, use, intent, and hand placements. The instructional videos demonstrate each technique on a person (when applicable), a dog, and a horse, although all techniques may be applied to any species. Corresponding workbook reading sections are identified with each technique, and the complete Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) workbook (in digital format) is available for each level. Online learning allows you to pause, stop or restart your lesson at any time, watch videos as often as you want, and have continuous access to the course.

Upon completion of the Level 3 online course, the student is eligible to move on to the Level 4 course. For those who have already attended an in-person course, this is an excellent opportunity to watch these in-depth training videos of Carol Komitor as she presents the entire HTA Level 4 course.

Level 3 Online Lesson/Video Descriptions

Introduction to Level 3 & Review of Level 2
This introduction includes a review of Level 2 and explains what you will learn in Level 3, including an overview of the techniques and tools. The concepts, meditation, and techniques in Level 3 will help you raise your frequency and vibration to better help those you support.

BONUS CONTENT: Shift in Treatment
In Level 3, you will become a stronger HTA Practitioner. Your new skills will create stability within the structure of the body and help strengthen the energy system to provide better health and well-being.

Lesson 1 - Meditation
Healing Touch for Animals® promotes the practice of meditation. The Level 3 meditation will increase your ability to facilitate the HTA work. Being grounded and centered is imperative when working with an animal or person.

Lesson 2 - Chi Balance™
Chi Balance™ Introduction
This lesson introduces the Chi of the body and how we must activate our own Chi to then stimulate the Chi in the recipient’s body to start the Chi Balance™ and create healing.

Chi Balance™ Activation Exercise
This lesson will teach you specific exercises to activate your Chi energy. The Chi energy will provide added strength and stamina to facilitate this technique, demonstrating the difference between regular energy flow and Chi. These fun exercises warm your belly, indicating you will be ready for the Chi Balance™.

Chi Balance™
The Chi Balance™ technique will increase the life force energy and stamina in the animal’s body to promote healing. This technique is used for more challenging health issues and troubled behavioral situations.

Chi Balance™ (Horse Demo)
Learn the Chi Balance™ as shown on a horse.

Lesson 3 - Distance Healing
Distance healing can be done with all HTA techniques. This lesson will show you five easy applications to provide distance healing through surrogacy with a stuffed animal, a surrogate animal, a surrogate person, on your own body or through your thought process.

Distance Healing - Surrogate Protocol with an Animal

Distance Healing - Surrogate Protocol with a Person

Distance Healing - Yourself as a Surrogate

Distance Healing - Thought Process

Lesson 4 - Energy Frequency Balance™
Energy Frequency Balance™

In this lesson, you will identify the difference in energy flow with each of the energy centers/chakras. The application of this technique will adjust the energy system to achieve optimum efficiency.

Energy Frequency Balance™ (Horse Demo)
Learn Energy Frequency Balance™ as shown on a horse.

Lesson 5 - Energy Concept of Pain
Energy Concept of Pain
This lesson will give you an energetic understanding of how pain affects the energy system and how to use HTA for pain relief.

BONUS CONTENT: Compromised Energy Field - Energy Leak

This bonus content describes an energy field leak and how to repair the leakage.

Lesson 6 - Therapeutic Pulse

Often energetic blockages show up as a pulsing sensation in your hands; this lesson will describe what the pulse indicates and how to open the energetic flow.

Lesson 7 - Stepping into Energetic Awareness
This lesson supports becoming more aware of the energetic presence in the body. The increased awareness will assist you in better identifying and facilitating energy balance and change.

Lesson 8 - Essential Oils for Animals and Their People

Essential Oil Basics

This lesson introduces essential oils and their use with Healing Touch for Animals®. You will learn the chemistry of essential oils and how the body responds. The concept of using a “Less is MORE” approach with animals is explained, as are the cautions and application options.

Animals and Essential Oils
In this lesson we dive into the appropriate way to apply essential oils for animals with the “Less is MORE” concept. We discuss how HTA techniques and the use of essential oils maintains a cooperative relationship with veterinary professionals. Proper use of essential oils for cats, pocket pets, birds, and large animals is explained.

Recommended Essential Oils – Singles
In this lesson, you learn the Top 20 essential oils most frequently used in your HTA sessions. A total of 26 single essential oils are explained. Your workbook provides which HTA techniques are best combined with each essential oil.

Recommended Essential Oils – Blends
In this lesson, a total of 17 essential oil blends are explained. Your workbook provides which HTA techniques are best used in combination with each essential oil.

BONUS CONTENT: Abundance = Manifestation
This video will make suggestions to help manifest your heart’s desire, using the essential oil blend, Abundance™.

Lesson 9 - How to Use Essential Oils with HTA Reference Charts

Reference charts are provided in your workbook to assist you in choosing the best essential oil for a specific purpose. The charts are broken down by each essential oil and by the systems of the body. In addition, the chart provides suggestions for applications of the essential oil.

Lesson 10 - Choosing an Essential Oil with a Pendulum

This lesson will teach you how to use a pendulum to identify the best essential oil during a session with an animal or person.

Lesson 11: Essential Oil Applications and Client Demonstration
Essential Oil Applications

In this lesson, you will learn the application of essential oils with animals using the following applications: inhalation, diffusion, Thumbprint™, and Vibrational Grooming™.

How to Demonstrate the Use of Essential Oils to a Client

It is important to show your clients how to use essential oils properly. In this lesson, you will learn how to discuss essential oils with your clients.

BONUS CONTENT: Essential Oils Experience

This lesson provides suggestions to personally experience the essential oils and explore the energetic presence that is within each essential oil.

Lesson 12 - HTA Colic-Torsion Protocol
This lesson provides the best protocol to support an emergent situation, such as colic/torsion, using our HTA techniques and essential oils.

Lesson 13 - Level 3 Session Forms


This lesson provides suggestions to reduce different distractions that may occur during your sessions.

Energetic Vocabulary
This lesson explains how your energy wording will change your status from a technician to a qualified HTA Practitioner.

“It’s not just the words, but the wholeness of how the energy flows through the body”. – Carol Komitor

Sessions Become Stronger

This video states the importance of self-care and how you raise your frequency and vibration during each of your HTA Sessions.