Level 3 Course Overview

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Level 3 is an entire three-day in-person course designed to raise your energetic frequency through new techniques and aromatherapy (essential oils).

You will work with the life force of the energy body to increase healing capabilities and bring the body to optimal frequency to bring harmony and balance. You will explore the frequency of each chakra and how to create a better balance within the body. You will learn five different ways to apply HTA techniques through distance work. We will dive into aromatherapy using essential oils and how to apply them to animals and people.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and are able to begin the process to become a Certified Practitioner through the Healing Touch for Animals Certification Program.

Level 3 Course Structure


The Fundamentals class includes a review of all HTA Level 2 techniques. Students begin class by activating the Chi energy of the body to increase the practitioner's energetic vibration.

Students learn the concepts of distance work and are introduced to aroma therapy, experiencing over 30 essential oils.

Small Animal

The Small Animal Day consists of learning all the techniques in level 3 using hands-on applications and working from a distance.

Practitioners explore the techniques to enhance the Chi energy within the body and work with the body's energetic frequency to improve balance and well-being. Students dissect each essential oil and study six applications and how they relate to the body's systems.

You are encouraged to bring your well-behaved dog to the in-person class (not mandatory).

Large Animal
The in-person HTA Large Animal Class features hands-on experience with horses as you apply the HTA techniques with aroma therapy using essential oils.

This class provides an opportunity to experience the large energy system of the horse, which will heighten your energetic awareness. At the same time, you increase your skills as a qualified practitioner of HTA.

Horse safety instruction is provided during the in-person class.

Level 3 Course Objectives


Energy Concepts of Pain

Energy System Frequencies

Energetic Support from a Distance

Aromatherapy for Health


Chi Balance™

Distance healing (five approaches)

Energy Frequency Balance™

Essential Oils Application by Inhalation

Essential Oil Thumbprint™ Application

Essential Oils teamed with HTA techniques


HTA Full Session Protocol

Colic/Torsion Protocol

Course Experience

In-Person Course:

In-person courses are typically scheduled on weekends. Level 3 is a entire 3 day course, each day building upon the previous day's teachings. On the first day, you will review all Level 2 techniques and the foundational techniques to Level 3. The following day you will work hands-on with dogs as you practice the techniques with other students in class. You will work hands-on with horses on the final day of class, thus experiencing how to apply the techniques to a larger animal. Each course is taught by one of our incredible HTA Certified Instructors.

Printed workbooks and energy assessment tools are provided during the in-person course. Tuning forks (sound therapy) and essential oils (aromatherapy) are available to purchase at the correlating courses.

In-Person Course Schedule
Level 3 Fundamentals Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Small Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Large Animal Class: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm