Online Level 1

Healing Touch for Animals® Level 1 Online Course What is energy, how does it affect us, and how can we use it to benefit animals and their people?
This course teaches students the human and animal energy systems and how they are different. Students learn how to be present and grounded and to assess the energy system of animals and people. Step-by-step instructions are provided for each of the 12 techniques. The techniques are designed to clear, balance, stabilize and strengthen the energy system. Students watch and learn how the body responds to this energy therapy and how that impacts the health and well-being for animals and people.

Through a series of videos, Carol Komitor will guide you through the purpose, use, intent and hand placements for each technique. The instructional videos demonstrate each technique on a person (when applicable), a dog and a horse, although all techniques may be applied to any species. Corresponding workbook reading sections are identified with each technique, and the complete Level 1 Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) workbook (in digital format) is available to each student.

This 5-hour training includes:

  • 30 instructional videos
  • Complete 120-page comprehensive, interactive Level 1 workbook (delivered in a digital format)
  • Corresponding workbook reading sections noted with each video
  • Open book knowledge and understanding questionnaire
  • Electronic certificate of completion

  • Once the Level 1 online course has been completed, the student is eligible to move on to the Level 2 in-person course. For those who have already attended an in-person course, this is an excellent opportunity to watch these in-depth training videos of Carol Komitor as she presents the entire HTA Level 1 course.

    Advantages of an Online Class

    Some students begin taking online classes not by choice, but by necessity. Perhaps they can't get away from life's responsibilities or live too far away from an in-person class. Whatever the reason, most find that they like it. Y
    ou will be able to pause, stop and/or restart your lesson at any time; watch videos as many times as you want; and have continuous access to the course. Give it a try - you will find that an online HTA course is perfect for your personal and professional lifestyles.

    Continuing Education Credits
    The HTA Level 1 Online Course is approved to provide 3 Continuing Education Credits for North Carolina Veterinarians and Vet Techs through NCVMB. The HTA Level 1 Online Course is approved to provide credit for 5 contact hours towards the Healing Touch for Animals Certification and Certification Renewal requirements.

    Lesson / Video Descriptions

    Lesson 1

    Introduction to Healing Touch for Animals®
    An invitation to explore energy therapy through Healing Touch for Animals® is offered.

    Lesson 2
    Activate Your Energy Hands
    Easy applications to open the awareness of how energy flows within your hands.

    Lesson 3
    Energy Facilitation with a Person

    Learn how to create balance for a person to support self-healing.

    Lesson 4
    Human / Animal Energy Field
    The human energy field works differently than the animals energy field. This lesson will provide the understanding of the contrasts. This knowledge is vital to be able to work with animals.

    Lesson 5
    Chakra Introduction
    The chakra system in a balanced state supports health on many levels. Understanding how the energy centers (chakras) of the body work provides a great foundation to support a healthy body and self-healing.

    Lesson 6

    The more we care for ourselves, the more we can assist someone else with healing. This lesson explains the "whys" of energy facilitation and how it supports you as you help another.

    Lesson 7
    Self-Chakra Balance
    This lesson provides a simple application and technique to support your own self-healing.

    Lesson 8
    Energy Presence
    Five steps are all that are needed to provide focus while facilitating energy therapy.

    Lesson 9
    This is a guided meditation to help support you in your everyday life. A balance of your body, mind and spirit will come through to help you become more grounded and centered.

    Lesson 10

    Assessment & Pendulum
    This lesson will demonstrate how to be in a neutral state to determine energy patterns and flow throughout the energy system.

    Hand Assessment
    Assessment with the hands will provide a tactile experience to determine how energy patterns are flowing through the body.

    Lesson 11

    Chakra Balance for Animals™

    A full-body balancing technique, Chakra Balance for Animals™ is considered a foundational application to provide health.

    Chakra Balance for Animals™ for Horses
    Chakra Balance for Animals™ - Horse Application

    Lesson 12

    Physiological Response
    Learn the simplicity of how the body functions when energy therapy is applied. Relaxation is only the beginning. This lesson not only explains the mechanics of the energy system support but also how the body helps to heal itself. Relaxation to regulating the immune system provides the best support for the body.

    Lesson 13

    Magnetic Clearing for Animals™
    Magnetic Clearing for Animals™ has been adapted from the human technique to better clear and balance the animal's energy system.

    Magnetic Clearing for Animals™ for Horses
    Magnetic Clearing for Horses - Horse Application

    Lesson 14

    Double Hand Boost
    The Double Hand Boost technique will teach how to apply a more focused energy balance to one area of the body.

    Double Hand Boost for Horses
    Double Hand Boost - Horse Application

    Lesson 15
    Vibrational Grooming™
    Vibrational Grooming™ provides a balancing technique to use while petting an animal. The technique also demonstrates how to use energy balance to an animal while grooming.

    Vibrational Grooming™ for Horses
    Vibrational Grooming™ - Horse Application

    Lesson 16
    Ultrasound is a clearing technique to release energetic congestion from a designated area of the body.

    Ultrasound for Horses
    Ultrasound - Horse Application

    Lesson 17
    Laser provides a concentrated energy balance deep into the body for a short amount of time.

    Laser for Horses
    Laser - Horse Application

    Lesson 18
    Bridging™ will provide a full-body balancing using only the throat and heart chakras.

    Bridging for Horses
    Bridging™ for Horses - Horse Application

    Lesson 19
    Bridging with Behavioral Change™
    When there is a behavioral issue looming, Bridging with Behavioral Change™ can assist an animal in making changes through energetic balance and the use of a 5-step process of communication.

    Lesson 20
    Etheric Heartbeat™
    Etheric Heartbeat™ is a high frequency technique that continues to work long after the healing session.

    Etheric Heartbeat™ for Horses
    Learn the correct standing position to apply the Etheric Heartbeat™ (EHB) to the horse. The concepts of the EHB are the same for all species, including humans.

    Lesson 21
    Etheric Heartbeat™ for Humans
    EHB can easily be used for humans to support their energetic balance and strength. The concepts of the EHB are the same, but a new application is used with humans.

    Closing Video

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