Practitioner Directory Information

The Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Practitioner Directory is provided as a source for you in facilitating the health and well-being of your animal(s). This information is available to assist you in locating HTA Practitioners in your area. This practitioner listing represents only those who have chosen to publish their name and contact information on this website.

While those listed are HTA Practitioners in good standing, Healing Touch for Animals® does not endorse or recommend the services of any one specific HTA Practitioner and assumes no liability for any information, goods or services provided. HTA has not investigated and therefore cannot verify credentials of the practitioner listed, other than the credentials of Healing Touch for Animals®. HTA Practitioners are independent and are not a spokesperson, legal representative, or employee of HTA and can not obligate or otherwise bind HTA to any agreement or duty. We encourage you to verify the practitioner's qualifications, credentials, scope and mode of practice and experience to ensure optimal quality of service.

You are responsible for determining whom you choose to use as a practitioner, what therapies you wish to participate in and how you define and determine the client-practitioner business relationship. HTA Practitioners are expected to work in accordance with Healing Touch for Animals® Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

Legal Notice:'s Practitioner Directory is provided as a service to consumers seeking a qualified HTA practitioner. Any individual or organization attempting to use this list for any purpose outside this scope—including creating a marketing or solicitation list—is strictly prohibited.

We welcome any comments about this Practitioner Directory or regarding your experience with any listed practitioners.