What is HTA ?

Gain a deeper knowledge and enhance your practice of Energy Therapy for Animals"

What is Healing Touch for Animals®?

Animals experience life like we do. They know how to love, how to please and share joy. They can feel heartbreak and sadly, some experience real trauma. Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is a safe, gentle and natural approach to animal health and wellness through each stage of life. Healing Touch for Animals® techniques support the animal's energetic body so the physical body and mental strength can maintain the health and wellness they deserve. Healing Touch for Animals® teaches students how to assess an animal's energy system followed by specific techniques (using touch, near-touch, essential oils and/or sound therapy) to clear balance and strengthen the energy system.

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Healing Touch for Animals® Benefits:

  • Recover from injury and illness
  • Ease emotional trauma and abuse issues
  • Achieve quality of life with chronic illness or disease
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
    Clarify appropriate behavior
  • Relieve pain
  • Develop a greater animal-human bond
  • Receive support during the end-of-life process or euthanasia
  • Support overall health and wellness

What our Courses included:

Resources and Materials 

All courses include a comprehensive 100+-page workbook. Certified Instructors. Ongoing Conference calls and Practitioner/ student resources.

Online or In-Person

Courses are available online and in-person. In-person courses are offered worldwide throughout the year and are two-and-a-half days at the beginning levels to three full days at the advanced levels.


Join the growing number of pet owners, rescue shelter volunteers, groomers, animal trainers, veterinary technicians, veterinarians and animal lovers, who are integrating this work into their every day lives and building a stronger connection with their animals.


Whether In-person or working on your animals at home, the HTA course provides hands-on experience you can see and feel working

HTA students have started their journey in energy healing for animals

Frequently Asked Questions:

We know trusting your gut and pursuing a passion for helping animals can be a big decision. Visit our FAQ page for more information, follow us on Social Media, read our blog or talk to a student about their experience. Join the thousands of students who have taken the Healing Touch for Animals Journey and gain a deeper understanding of energy healing. 


Our Mission

Healing Touch for Animals® is dedicated to provide training on how to assist animals with their health and well-being, their behavioral issues, their physical, mental and emotional healing, and the enhancement of the animal/human bond through energetic connections and the application of energy therapy techniques.

Veterinary Professionals

Healing Touch for Animals® techniques can be integrated into both holistic and traditional veterinary practices. HTA is a service that can be easily applied by veterinarians, technicians and/or HTA Practitioners. Healing Touch for Animals® courses introduce HTA techniques to course participants and demonstrate how HTA and energy medicine can be easily used in a veterinary practice.


The techniques shared in the courses are designed to enhance the self healing process and do not replace traditional medical or veterinary health care, medical diagnosis or medical treatment for illness. The teaching promotes a cooperative model that bridges holistic animal health care with traditional veterinary medicine. Refer to a licensed medical or veterinary practitioner for medical care.

The HTA techniques were developed by Carol Komitor under Komitor Method of Healing, Inc. The concepts and techniques come from Carol's experiential understanding developed through working with clientele, both people and animals, her studies and her use of other energetic modalities.

Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) is privately owned and is not governed by any other organization. Healing Touch for Animals® endorses the Healing Touch Program™ curriculum and the healing work that is facilitated for our human population.