Vivian Kallman

Healing Touch for Animals
® Certified Practitioner

VK Animal Communication
Riverside, MO

My practice utilizes and blends my skillsets of Energy Therapy and Animal Communication. This combination facilitates empathy and connection in a way that allows both animals and their caregivers to participate in optimum well-being, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. I have been practicing in the Kansas City area with people and animals for 15 years and am on staff at Taylor Animal Hospital in Parkville, Missouri as their energy therapist working with surgery patients, medical patients and boarders. The beauty of this work is that benefits are accessible remotely. Clients worldwide, references available.

“Reaching out to ask for Vivian's help was a major turning point for my cat's recovery and well-being. She had been hospitalized for kidney failure, and returned home unwilling to eat and unable to even put her head down to rest. This was our first experience with an animal communicator/energy therapist. She had a remote session with our cat in the morning, and that very afternoon our cat began regaining her appetite and it was the first time since coming home that she was able to truly rest and relax. There was a noticeable shift in energy. Vivian stayed in touch with me following the session, and went above and beyond in having a follow up session with my cat around her ongoing discomfort, because it felt like the right thing to do. I appreciate Vivian's authenticity and dedication to her work. I feel like we have all learned so much on this journey of healing together, and I am glad my family and I kept an open mind and heart.”

- Amanda L., San Diego, CA, July, 202