PP-Marjolein van Vlodrop

Marjolein van Vlodrop

HTACP, HT, Animal Communicator, Body Code, Emotion Code, Ancestral Clearing,
Anaflora Remedies, Teacher Animal Communication, Aromatherapy, Dog Expert

Animal Spirit

Kerkstraat 104
Koningsbosch, Limburg 6104 AE, Netherlands

Marjolein is an energy medicine therapist and animal communicator who also teaches intuitive listening to animals and how to find your animal spirits. She also gives workshops on how to understand and apply doglanguage . Her mission is to spread the word that all animals have feelings, emotions and thoughts and that they deserve respect, love and gratitude from humans. She also is a great encourager of speaking forgiveness prayers for the planet and all living creatures on it. This is something every human can do for themselves and all living things.

Marjolein works on all types of animals large and small and also on the people that love them. She offers distance treatments and also travels to the human and/or animals' homes for hands-on healing sessions. Sessions include animal communication, Healing Touch for Animals ® (Certified Practitioner), Body Code, Emotion Code, Ancestral Clearing, tuning fork sound and vibrational therapy, aromatherapy and Anaflora essences for animals and humans.

Marjolein is also a behavioral dog expert and trained in homeopathy and nutritional supplements. She lives with her husband and leads a pack of four primitive Russian dogs in an all natural way. This means using no domination, physical force, harmful or painful methods but using only natural animal signals and communication. This means that all animals and humans live in perfect harmony. All animals globally deserve to be treated that way. Mail or phone for information and/or an appointment.