Elizabeth Lincoln
HTA Practitioner (completed Advanced Practitioner training)
Animal Communicator

743 Concord Avenue
Drexel Hill, PA

Elizabeth Lincoln is a Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner who has completed Advanced Practitioner training. She employs therapeutic essential oils as well as sound and vibrational therapy (using Tuning forks) in her sessions as appropriate to meet the animals' needs.

Elizabeth provides both in-person sessions at clients' homes and remote sessions. She works with all types of domestic pets and service animals including horses and ponies. She is willing to see clients in-person within a 20-mile radius of her home in Drexel Hill, PA.

When not seeing clients, Elizabeth volunteers at shelters to help animals recover from abuse/abandonment situations and prepare them for adoption. She also volunteers at an equine therapy non-profit where she helps suppot the ponies' energetic health.

Elizabeth is also a skilled Animal Communicator and provides readings for animals both living and passed.