Elaine Garley

HTAP, Animal Communicator,
Tellington TTouch® Method Companion Animal Practitioner I

Animal Bridges LLC
Prescott, Arizona

Elaine Garley is a gifted Animal Communicator and Holistic Practitioner who helps animals and people worldwide with health and behavioral issues by utilizing proven energy and holistic healing techniques. Many are able to successfully eliminate physical complaints, medications, and have faster recoveries. Additionally, many animals were safely helped crossing over out of this life; she continues working with the pet parents through their grieving process. Through her company, Animal Bridges LLC, she is also a unique animal and people communicator who provides an actual transcript of communications. Elaine continues to expand her gifts with continuing education on these important topics. Elaine says, "All relationships are important to me. They all have a special place in my heart."

Elaine is a Healing Touch for Animals® Certified Practitioner with Advanced Proficiency training, Healing Touch (people) Level 3, Tellington TTouch® Method Animal Companion Level 1 practitioner, and completed
Bach (Flower) Centre Level 1 and 2 courses.