Kris Miller

Just for the Love of it Holistic Healthcare for Animals
Buffalo, WY

Kris is a
Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner with Advanced Proficiency training.

Kris will travel to your location to provide service to your animal in their familiar surroundings so they (and you) do not experience additional travel stress. Distance services are also provided.

Kris is available to work cooperatively with your veterinarian (or other healthcare or training professional) to give your animals the extra edge that comes with the benefit of HTA
work in healing or competition.

Kris has a passion for providing heart-centered, quality service that benefits both animal and human health and wellness. In addition to her upbringing on the farm/ranch, she has been a student of Low Stress Animal Handling Techniques. She has studied with Whit Hibbard, Dawn Hnatow, and others. Whit and Dawn worked directly with Bud Williams as their mentor.

Kris has a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Health Education and minors in Speech Communication and Traffic Safety. In addition, she has an Associate's Degree in Emergency Medical Care and Rescue (Paramedic).

Personal Experience with the HTA
I know the HTA
Techniques are effective. They worked for me!

I had been injured in two car accidents, incurring many injuries. I had many ongoing symptoms. The doctors were wonderful, and many things helped. However, they could not find the cause or resolve my symptoms.

In my case, my first healing session became the basis for my recovery. My first session was the most dramatic and allowed my system to open and balance to move forward in the healing process. Some healing techniques provided impressive results where I could sense progress immediately. In other sessions, I could feel steady progress... all moving me closer to recovery. I have experienced greatly reduced symptoms and pain. I have also experienced increased grounding, energy levels and returning joy!

I purchased a horse that came with masked bad habits and was beginning to develop a reputation in my community. Having met Kris Miller at Low Stress Stockmanship events, we discussed my horse's issues and she agreed to see if she could have an impact on his behavior. After the first session with Kris, the horse was noticeably changed, being more relaxed and comfortable with his surroundings. She fully explained her intentions and the expected outcome then completed the session in a very calm and professional manner. In fact, she worked with him on two additional occasions. Today Brownie is with a professional trainer who praises his learning and athletic ability. From day one, I was optimistic but the optimism began to fade rather quickly the longer he was around. Had it not been for Kris and her caring and kind approach, the horse very well may have had to find a new home, a waste of a good horse and a rock solid pedigree.

Scoot and Ice Man:
When I purchased Scoot, he was sour and naughty and had trust issues. I spent a lot of time riding him while out checking cows and gaining his trust. During training, he had become more sore and during his time off, Kris worked with him. Later, I noticed his soreness fade and after more treatments, his mind was focused. Our slow times turned into winning times and finished winning a buckle at the SDBRA finals.

Ice Man was purchased with back issues and with that came bucking issues. He spooked at everything then would try to dump me. Over a year of slow riding and trust building, and with Kris working on him, he became a different horse. He rides out unafraid and this winter, I was even able to have him pull kids in a sled. His turn-around has been amazing!

Copper, Fred and Zip:
I'm sitting here with my best buddy on my lap. It makes me sad to see him this way. So, I made a call to Kris at 8 pm. He was feeling poorly,. She said she could come tomorrow afternoon. I worked at Roundup Vet Clinic for 8 years and a lady would come to help the race horses with hands-on therapy. At that time, I didn't believe in it. She could take the pain away by touching these horses. My dogs need the essence of Kris. She's a wizard when it comes to helping my 4-legged friends. They have issues and she seems to calm, relax and access the inner ability to heal them without taking drugs. Thanks Kris-you're a healer. We are glad we found you.