I personally choose Young Living essential oils because of the integrity used as the plants are planted, grown, harvested and bottled for distribution.

Young Living grows their plants on wild crafted land, the water used to hydrate the land is pure and the plants are harvested only when they are tested for the readiness of the plant’s potential.

After harvest, the plants are taken directly to the distillery for low heat distillation and processed in a timely manner. The distillation is monitored and the constituents within the essential oil are tested to make sure the plant’s molecular structure represents therapeutic quality.

When the batch of essential oil meets the testing process the oil is then bottled for distribution to our Young Living Distributors.

If the essential oils do not meet the standards set by Young Living, they are sold to other vendors and used for perfume and other products that contain a fragrance.

I feel this process assures me the quality of each of the essential oils I receive from Young Living and have experienced healing and sense of well-being from their use.