Beth Shemo
HTAP(AP2), Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Pet First Aid, CPR Instructor

Spirit Wolf Energetics, LLC

306 Daniwood Grv.
Divide, Colorado 80816

Beth is an Advanced Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner and Reiki Master Practitioner who has enjoyed offering safe and gentle energy medicine techniques to all species of animals, both domestic and wild, for more than 12 years.

In her private energy medicine practice, Spirit Wolf Energetics, LLC, Beth offers in-person services within the comfort of clients’ homes in and around Teller County, Colorado, as well as distance sessions for those in other geographical locations. Typical sessions consist of a consultation with the owner/guardian, an energy assessment, treatment, re-assessment, and recommendations for continued care.

Along with Healing Touch for Animals, Beth also offers Reiki for Animals, Craniosacral Therapy, and Color Therapy and may also employ Aromatherapy, Tuning Forks, and Essences (Bach, Calm My Pet, and Gem Essences). These complimentary therapies work beautifully together to brin
g deep relaxation, stress-relief, and support of the body’s innate healing abilities.

When not seeing clients, Beth volunteers at the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter to help precious animals recover from past trauma so they can find their forever homes, and at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center to support the energetic health and vitality of the magnificent wolves, foxes, and coyotes who call this amazing sanctuary their home.

“Healing happens within the context of relationship, and that is right where Beth starts!

Beth has worked with two of my dogs. One was declining from cancer, and the other was suffering from a traumatic fall. During their treatment sessions, she helped them feel safe and comfortable, and both responded immediately to Healing Touch and Craniosacral therapies, and the healing stayed with them”

Beth has always been readily available when needed, follows up as appropriate, and can be completely relied upon! Her practice is an extension of her mighty heart, and I'm grateful she is here in our community!”

Aimee & John D.

“…we rescued a former laboratory research animal named Koln. Koln was a very skittish, timid beagle who was afraid of everyone, especially men. He even feared my husband.

I introduced Beth to Koln and he stared at her for a few minutes and then seemed to sense that she meant him no harm. As Beth gently pet him, his tail slowly came back up, and within a few minutes, he lay down and allowed her to work on him. As he relaxed and fell into a deep slumber, I looked at Beth and said, “I think I have found the person who can help his troubled soul.”

Koln has become very attached to my husband and no longer fears him. Beth continues to work on Koln as well as our other former laboratory research beagle, Boomer, and both have progressed immensely under Beth’s care. She keeps both of our boys balanced and grounded, and her work is amazing. I trust her with our two precious fur kids, and am so grateful for the help she has given them.”

Diane & Bruce V.