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Level 2 - Healing Touch for Animals®

The Level 2 Healing Touch for Animals®
(HTA) course is two and a half days, and builds on the Level 1 basics. Study more advanced techniques and new concepts, including sound therapy, and learn the skills of energetic detective work so you can help determine each animal's specific therapeutic needs. Interested in being an HTA Practitioner? You will learn how to choreograph an HTA session and how to build an HTA private practice.

What you will learn:

Energetic Detective Work

Discuss different cases for a clearer understanding of energy field theory and treatment for animals.

Grieving and Trauma

Describe animal grieving and the energetic effects of grieving.

Discuss how to identify trauma

Tuning Forks

Describe the theory and demonstrate the application of the Pair 5 tuning forks and how they are used for clearing the energy field and for clearing spaces.

    • For Humans: Sound Therapy Balance and ELA Balance (for a client or self-balance)
    • Energy Field Clearing™ for Humans
    • Energy Field Clearing™
    • Space Clearing™ (Homes / Barns / Shelters, etc.)

Level 2 techiques & applications

Learn new techniques and advance your understanding of Level 1 HTA modalities.

    • Chakra balance for Animals™ (Level 2 Application)
    • Vertebral Release and Repair™
    • Etheric Heartbeat™ (Level 2 Application)
    • Bridging™ (Level 2 Application)
    • Bridging with Behavioral Change™ (Level 2 Application)
    • Grounding and Focus™
    • Trauma Release™


Describe and demonstrate.

    • Euthanasia Protocol
    • Full Treatment Protocol

The Schedule


Fundamentals Level 2

6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Fundamentals class consists of a review of all HTA Level 1 techniques. The introduction to Energetic DetectiveWork is then demonstrated to help identify the cause of difficult energy therapy issues. Finding the specific energycenter related to a blockage that corresponds with a chakra will help you work more effectively with the problemat hand. Examples are offered to help recognize the process of finding the culprit chakra.

Day 2

Small Animal Class

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Small Animal Class teaches you further concepts and philosophies of Healing Touch for Animals®. You willwork hands-on with dogs as you learn the energetic techniques to balance and clear an animal’s energy system,providing health and well-being. You will work with a set of tuning forks that help clear the energy system for bothanimals and humans. You will also be taught how the tuning forks can be used to clear spaces. Your well behaveddog is invited to the Small Animal Class.

Day 3

Large Animal Class

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The Large Animal Class features hands-on experience with horses as you delve deeper into understanding theHTA techniques and anchor the knowledge gained in the Small Animal Class. The Large Animal Class providesan opportunity to experience the large energy system of the horse as you work with the HTA Level 2 techniques.Horse safety and the comfort level of the students around the large animals is reinforced.

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