Pam LaManna

Healing Touch for Animals® Practitioner (Level 3),
Healing Touch Practitioner for Humans (certified twice), Licensed & Certified Massage Therapist,
Reiki Master, Cranio Sacral

Location: Stevensville, MI (Southwest Michigan)

After a serious car accident in 1995, I was completely healed from a man that did Healing Touch on me in 1996. Headaches, neck pain, back pain, a disc bulge, sciatica and depression went away after several healing touch sessions. I was amazed by the miraculous work and (through God) I have been supporting the health and wellness for people and dogs with Healing Touch and massage for 20 over years!

Healing Touch for Animals® builds the animal/human bond, reduces stress and anxiety, helps animals understand appropriate behavior and supports animals through injuries, illnesses, trauma, or abuse. It also builds a solid support system for animals with cancer, develops confidence for training and competition and supports animals during the end-of-life transition.

I am available for in-person and/or distance sessions. I have a private massage and energy work practice in St. Joseph, MI and travel to client’s homes to help support precious pets in their home environment.

You and your pet deserve to be healthy! Sometimes, even in one session, wellness takes place, yet monthly sessions can maintain health and provide preventive care.

Healing Touch for Animals® in the healing comfort of your home
(additional travel fee may apply if further than 15 mile radius)
(Session lasts 45 – 75 minutes)
$180 - (SAVE $15) package of 3 - Sessions can be given as a gift to a friend’s pet

Healing Touch & Massage for Humans
815 Main St., Ste 17, St. Joseph, MI 49085
$65 Hour
$90 1 1/2 Hours