Abilene, Texas

Elizabeth Fidler, HTAP
Phone 254-433-2979

Elizabeth is dedicated to bringing Healing Touch for Animals® back to the North Central Texas area, including the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. She is the manager of a quarter horse ranch and responsible for tasks pertaining to the ranch's daily operations including training and exercising the horses. Additionally, she provides home health care for the elderly ranch owner. Prior to joining the ranch in February 2016, Elizabeth worked in an administrative capacity for an automotive company performing automotive state safety inspections, payroll duties and general office matters.

Two dogs, multiple outside cats, hens, a rooster, turtle and fish make up Elizabeth's pet family. Outside of caring for all the animals at work and home, Elizabeth enjoys cooking and crafting.

“HTA has opened my eyes to the amazing power of energy medicine, and how energy affects and is effected by everything.”