Instructor - old - Kimi Cousins

Kimi Cousins, HTACP

With a BS in Computer Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Kimi has made her career in corporate IT. However, the joys that animals bring have always been a big part of Kimi's life. This love of animals and her immersion in Healing Touch for Animals® has opened up new roads for her as an HTA Certified Practitioner and now an instructor. Kimi feels that this work is incredible, sharing the work with others is even better and seeing the results with the animals is simply inspirational to do more! Kimi is excited to be on this shared journey with so many exceptional people and is grateful for this new life path.

Kimi has completed multiple classes in Healing Touch (for people), Reiki, as well as, ISHA Clinical Certification Aromatherapy 301 and is driven to continue this learning path. She is also involved in Australian Shepherd Rescue, a local Bird Club and enjoys gardening. She and her husband Paul live in Raleigh, North Carolina, and are active in the local MG Car Club.

“The connection I feel when my hands are on an animal is powerful, motivating and humbling. Oh, the places we can go and the things we can do with this amazing healing work for animals and people alike. I encourage everyone to open their hearts and find their possibilities."