Ulrike Buhl, HTAP
Phone 011 49 7146 459 727

Ulrike is our coordinator in Stuttgart, Germany. She has master's degrees in Ethnology, Geography and Sociology and has worked for various well known museums in Berlin and Stuttgart as a press officer/public relations agent.

As a child, Ulrike took care of many animals and wanted to become a veterinarian. Later she saw that this was a mere technical way to handle animals and chose a different career. Ulrike learned how to use alternative medical therapies and decided to become a professional healer for animals, passed the official examinations and opened an office in 2002.

In addition to being a self-employed professional healer for animals and humans, she owns a riding school and shares her life with her large animal family.

“My HTA journey, all the way through Level 4, has been fun. I've learned a lot, and I want to spread the knowledge of HTA in Germany.”