Central New York, New York

Michelle Kelly, PhD, MAT, BA, HTAP
Phone 607-749-0616

Michelle has introduced HTA in the Central New York state area where she works and resides. The area is home to many Reiki and energy practitioners and animal acupuncturists who are invested in natural and non-Western healing techniques. Michelle is currently a College Professor in Teacher Education at State University of New York, College at Cortland. As she heads toward retirement, she teaches only during the spring semesters which allows her time for dog training in performance agility and obedience, hiking and snow shoeing. Michelle’s other modality affiliations include Holy Fire Level 2 Reiki Master, Angel card reading, Integrated Energy Therapy and Associative Awareness Therapy.

Michelle provides HTA for her animal family which includes two cats (Gracie and Daphne) and her 10th and 11th Dobermans (Quincy and Zennie). She also uses HTA with friends’ and acquaintances’ pets and at a local cat shelter where she volunteers

“HTA, built upon my foundation of Reiki, has provided the focus and passion I have been searching for in life. HTA brings together the healing power of energy through hands-on (or -off) techniques, sound and essential oils, and it has transformed my relationship with animals, especially my own. HTA is a critical element in my path to personal well-being.”