Sarasota, Florida

Chris Wheeler, HTAP
Phone 954-695-9255

Chris is a Veterinary Technician and the owner/operator of Pawsitive Animal Wellness. She also has experience in product marketing and public relations. Chris is quite motivated to spread the word about HTA and increase local awareness and does a lot of reaching and researching on-line about energy medicine and sound therapy. Her other interests include sewing, cooking/baking and ... the beach.

Two dogs -- Grady and Pogo, and three cats -- Felix, Minnie and Dixie, complete her animal family.

“Completing HTA Level 1 flipped a switch in my head and my heard. I would have classified myself as very type A -- go, go, go, especially my brain. I did not allow myself time to just sit and be. I have found that HTA has led me to be a better person ... physically, emotionally and spiritually. And, for that, I am grateful.”