San Francisco, California

Anne-Frans Juliet Van Vliet, HTAP
Phone 415-690-9984

Anne-Frans is the Founder and Head Canine Behaviorist and Trainer of The Running Dog Ranch and holds a Master's degree in marketing. She is able to use Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) techniques in her work with dogs as well as with her own animals. Anne-Frans is a certified yoga instructor and continues to study Healing and Spiritual modalities to advance her knowledge in the healing field. She is also interested in holistic nutritional and Eastern healing practices.

Officiating women's lacrosse games in the spring, skiing in the winter and other outdoor activities year round keep Anne-Frans busy as do her travel opportunities. Her animal family includes Kaya and Kole (two black rescue labs), Copie (mixed terrier rescue) and her cat Beeker.

“HTA was an eye-opening experience - breaking through barrier issues in the communication and
healing capacities with animals and humans.”