Coordinator - Henriëtte & Ria Roosendaal


Henriëtte & Ria Roosendaal, HTACPs
Phone +31 6 53326504

Sisters Ria and Henriëtte are the Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Coordinators in the Netherlands. They have been working with Healing Touch (humans) since 2004 and were first introduced to HTA in 2005. They traveled to the United States to attend additional HTA Courses, and both are HTA Certified Practitioners.

Both Ria and Henriëtte are impressed with the results they achieve by using HTA techniques and practice HTA on a regular basis. They have two Quarter horse mares “who are great teachers on a spiritual level.” The mares gave birth to two colts in 2010, so the "herd" has expanded with two amazing little stallions, both copies of their mothers.

Ria is currently working with special internet advertising and has a lot of experience in marketing and public relations.

Henriëtte had a successful career as a Process Architect, but is now working full time in their practice "Pets & People".

“HTA gives us an opportunity to develop a deeper connection with our animals. It is wonderful to actually see the animals’ reactions to the HTA treatment; they react instinctively without any agenda – that’s what makes this work so special!"