Chicago, Illinois

Kathy Tanouye, RN, BSN, HTAP
Phone 847-373-9255

Kathy was introduced to HTA during a Healing Touch (for humans) class and attended her first HTA course in the spring of 2011. Kathy holds a B.S. in Nursing and Psychology and is currently employed as a Nurse Manager. She is moving up through the Healing Touch (for humans) levels and has also studied Theta Healing and Reference Point Therapy.

Kathy’s animal family includes three cats which are benefiting from her HTA practices.

“I have always been drawn to holistic care for myself and my pets. My early nursing education emphasized the concepts of holistic care and used the term ‘human ecology’ to describe caring for the whole person in terms of their social, psychological, and spiritual needs, as well as their physical needs. I still believe in those principles. What I like about HTA is that it is a heart centered practice that promotes health and healing which can be used right along side of traditional healthcare. For me, HTA combines caring and energy work; it is about finding balance and making connections.”