Having been a Certified HTA practitioner for a couple of years along with being a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist,
I felt I had a good feel for energy work and vibrational frequency. The AP class rocked my world. It deepened my practice is every way - with animal and human clients. I really feel as if it moved me to a new dimension of this sacred work. I strongly suggest everyone take the opportunity to learn this dynamic heart centered work Carol Komitor has brought to us.

- Kate Brown
Utica, Illinois

Just had to share with y'all the great experience I had yesterday.
A friend's horse just got through with medications program for EPM. Had a session to work on her horse. As some of you know, I do not "feel" the energy so my friend and I observed him while he so quickly relaxed and responded to the work. He's pretty laid-back but doesn't fall asleep at the cross-ties, but was all but asleep for some of it. She was so pleased; I was so pleased and gratified. Her trainer had been watching some of this and mentioned casually that "boy, my mare could use some of that!"--hint, hint. I said I would love to. So I worked on her mare who also loved it and the trainer thanked me a lot and said that there would probably be others at the barn who would love to have their horses worked on and it would be an opportunity to make a little money. (I had done my friend's horse gratis and also her mare.) I was very cool and composed on the outside, but there were (little) fireworks going on inside!! So I said, that would be great and I would love to do that.

Thank you to all of you, too, for stressing the belief in the work, keeping the highest good intention, and believing that I can do it, too.


- Diane Koga
Denver, Colorado

I am so happy to report to you that Bunky is doing fantastically well!
Over the past week I have had an interesting observation with the Hara Origin Stabilization™. History was a cat (Bunky) client with many symptoms – for several years various vets have not been about to figure out what is going on.

Over the past 2 months I have done 6 HTA sessions and Bunky’s field was just not holding. Owner reported Bunky somewhat better after sessions, but Bunky not back to normal behavior. So last Wednesday I did the Hara Origin Stabilization
. The interesting observation occurred when I was doing the Hara Repair and BalanceTM the first time – for clearing the origin of the problem. The connection with Earth was feeble at best – I kept thinking I was having an off day – kept re-focusing. Not trusting my focus I finished the 1st Hara Repair and Balance. Then I assessed the Hara at that time/in that lifetime (the origin), and the Hara was still compromised … So maybe I was not having an off day …

Then I had the thought that perhaps Earth was not the appropriate planet where Bunky was residing for this problem origin lifetime …. From one of the Animal Communication books I have read or heard (Penelope Smith or perhaps Tera Thomas), souls can re-incarnate as different animals as well as people and trees and the like. And I know from metaphysical lectures many of our human souls have had lives on other planets and such ….. So in my belief system a cat could have been a human, and a cat could well have had lifetimes in many other places and forms, not on Earth.

So I did the 1st Hara Repair and Balance
a second time, shifting the Earth/Grounding connection from “Planet Earth” focus to “Whatever your Grounding Source” was in that lifetime. (I used “Grounding Source” because if I had said “your planet of that lifetime” then I am assuming in that lifetime that the life form was on a “planet”, which to me is limiting what might be possible. Star Trek was based on the channelings of The Nine. One of the episodes of Star Trek had beings who were simply Light – who in that episode did not have a planet …) When I shifted my focus, there was a vibrant strong connection when I did the grounding connection piece of Hara Repair and Balance . When I did my official 2nd Hara Repair and Balance(which in this case was the 3rd time) connection to Earth was fine since Bunky lives here this lifetime. I figured the proof of the pudding would be how Bunky does this week. Here is quote from her owner this morning:

Dear Flo:

I am so happy to report to you that Bunky is doing fantastically well!

As well as experiencing your fabulous treatment, I bathed her in a calendula shampoo specifically designed to calm down the skin and I put a "natural" flea collar on her that really is doing the job with the fleas!

She is happier. She is running around more. For several weeks there, she would latch onto one place to sit/lay and could not be persuaded out of it. Now, she is kind of all over the house like she used to be.

And her ear mites have cleared up.

I would say let's keep up with your techniques and keep her happy.

Thanks so much!

Not sure if you have seen this using Hara Origin Stabilization
. It is the first time in the curriculum that we are using the Hara Repair and Balance technique for a previous lifetime. If you have not seen it, your intention may also include the other planets/grounding source energy. Being a devout Trekkie, Libra and extremely broad reader, for me it made a big difference.

– Florence Gans
Raleigh, North Carolina

You helped me to "remember" what my heart was for, and the gift we all share.
I cannot express how grateful I am to have crossed paths with you and been fortunate enough to have been blessed with your knowledge, compassion and expertise in the HTA work. I use some form of HTA every day with my animals, even if it is only for a quick magnetic groom! You helped me to "remember" what my heart was for, and the gift we all share. The opening of my heart has expanded my Pilates & Gyrotonic work tremendously, my clients and every animal I come into field with thank you too! Your work is truly remarkable, and your gift to all of us is your stellar ability to "pass it on".

- Jackie Stoffel
Breckenridge, Colorado

I cannot explain how much the HTA techniques have helped enhance the dog's positive experience while getting a spa treatment.
"I My name is Teresa Papp, and I am currently a level 3 Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, and I am very excited to complete my level 4 in October, in Calgary Alberta. I recently opened a doggie day spa, out of my home, called Tender Loving Paws. I cannot explain how much the HTA techniques have helped enhance the dog's positive experience while getting a spa treatment. At the beginning of the week, I clear & balance the energy in the salon, along with myself, setting my intentions for the week. Each morning before my clients arrive for their spa day, I bring out a few of my essential oils, and ask my pendulum, which oil would benefit all my clients for that day while being diffused. I then do a short meditation, setting my intentions for the day.

When the pups come in with their mom or dad, I give them a chance to sniff the place out while I chit chat with mom or dad. This also give me a chance to observe the pup while they are exploring their new environment, and how I should approach them after mom or dad leave. After mom or dad leave, I spend a few minutes with the pup before the grooming starts, and perform the HTA technique "Bridging", this allows me to introduce myself to the pup, and let them know they are in a safe place, and explain what is going to happen for the next couple hours. I find that starting each session like this grounds me, and shows the pup, that they are in balanced place of trust, love, patience, and healing.

Thanks to HTA, it has opened my heart and soul, to an abundance of possibilities of working with my animal friends, and I am very excited to see where it takes me in the future. Each night when I go to bed, I do a double hand boost over my heart chakra, and thank the universe for bringing me HTA, and go to sleep with a grateful heart for what is now and what is to be."

- Teresa Papp
Alberta, Canada

Right now my favorite of the HTA Advanced Proficiency techniques is the Bridging With Life Force TM technique!
"I have used it on both animals and humans. The humans always comment about how deep they feel this technique works, and how great they feel the next day. I personally feel huge energy flowing through me when I perform this technique. I usually do not get visuals when I do a technique, and I have several times with this technique. I had a sweet cat client I had worked with for about a month who could not seem to hold her energy. I thought I had tried everything. After I did “Bridging With Life Force TM” technique she has done a turn around and is ‘back to her old self’ according to her joyful owner. There are quite a few other exquisite techniques in this class that I look forward to more deeply exploring."

– Florence Gans
Raleigh, North Carolina

AP is like going from level 4 to level 20!
"Another level of the energy system is revealed along with techniques that support a deeper ability to heal. Additionally, advanced techniques are learned for trauma work, origin of issues, and life force. Combined, it provides tools that we can share with our clients for greater effectiveness."

- Shelley Wallen, HTACP
Littleton, Colorado

Tuning Forks and Gracie the Pig
"The day Gracie arrived I thought she was the most beautiful pig I had ever seen. I could tell that she wanted to engage with humans, however it become quickly apparent that she had trust issues and she didn't seem to be feeling well. Something I felt was wrong with her feet. It took almost an hour to unload her from the trailer as she didn't want to leave the security of the four walls. Once she was unloaded, I immediately started working with her using my Pair 5 tuning forks. Within a few minutes of the tuning fork work, Gracie started to release her anxiety and was wagging her tail. For those of you who are new to pigs, they wag their tails when they are happy and content. Another great end to the day at K&K farms."

- Amanda Lane
Parker, Colorado

It took only a minute or so for the baby foxes to settle and begin to yawn
"This past spring, a friend and I headed one hundred miles north to help the animals at a wildlife rescue sanctuary. When we arrived we were taken to a small one-room building that housed both birds and rescued baby mammals. Of particular concern were two motherless red foxes five to six weeks old that had just been dropped off at the sanctuary.
When we entered the small shelter, the babies were visibly shaken and afraid. They were agitated as they scrambled around their cage and then bounced off each other to scramble again. We immediately used Peace & Calming™ around their cage. It took only a minute or so for them to settle comfortably together in a corner of their cage and then they began to yawn.

Once the Peace & Calming™ had so effectively done its job, we were able to utilize Healing Touch for Animals® techniques to balance and steady their energy systems. The two baby foxes actually fell asleep during a Tuning Fork Balance, using Sound Therapy and did not wake until someone spoke as they entered the room.
Since the room was so small, the Peace & Calming™ wafted around the enclosure very quickly. It calmed all the birds and other babies in the room and we left a peaceful group to go outside to help other animals in the sanctuary."

- Deborah Wooten, HTACP
Ashland, Virginia

Your tools truly make a difference for humans and animals alike
"Carol, I’m grateful for the valuable tools you are sharing with students. They truly make a difference for humans and animals alike. It is such a gift to be able to care for one another through energy work. I appreciate the time you take to answer questions and offer suggestions and support as we put these tools to work."

- Dawn LaPointe,
Hermantown, Minnesota

Casey was my 14 1/2 year old orange tabby who periodically defends his territory.
"Except for severe arthritis in both elbows he was in good health. He was still able jump on beds, climb stairs and go on nightly patrols in the yard until mid-March when he came home with bite wounds around his left elbow which became swollen. The veterinarian prescribed antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain meds the next day. He wasn’t able to place weight on his left front leg. At 17 lbs. he could not walk or position himself well to use the litter box and seemed to be pretty sad. Casey wasn't using his shoulder properly and began losing strength, flexibility and mobility in the joint. He wasn't trying to extend his leg, and I feared he would end up with a frozen shoulder.

Carol was staying with me during our Raleigh HTA Level 1 and used Vibrational Therapy on Casey’s left shoulder with the OM Tuner. She held him in her arms, and you could see the contentment on his face. After the treatment, we noticed immediately that he was more comfortable as he moved. I have used the OM Tuner every evening, and if I forget, he came up to me crying, wanting to be held and "tuned"!

The OM Tuners made a big difference in his quality of life. It is sometimes difficult when you are a big elderly cat in pain. Our nightly healing time provides sweet bonding for us both."

- Jane Templeton
Raleigh, North Carolina

I went in bitter and cynical. After, I felt truly engaged and refreshed.
"The HTA class I attended was nothing short of phenomenal. Thank you. Initially I was going to visit my brother. When he told me about the class, I thought, "Sure, why not – couldn’t hurt, you’ve tried just about everything else."

Not knowing what to expect, I went in with my typical bitter/cynical self. But then, after the Friday session I felt truly, truly engaged and refreshed. Saturday, though, I started out fatigued; I went home focused and looking forward to Sunday.

For me, Sunday was the first step to helping get my life back together. I know I have a long way to go in my personal healing, but you and George (the horse at the class) are my heroes. I’ve always had an inexplicable love and admiration for horses. Sunday, working with all the horses, but in particular with George, I was provided an opportunity that words simply cannot explain.

Thank you for sharing your time and your gift."

- Monica
Irving, Texas

I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the awesome course
"I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the awesome HTA Course. I felt very inspired and, more importantly, a fire rekindled within me along with a sense of hope. I said in class that I am a RVT and practiced in the hospital for only one year. It was an incredibly difficult experience for me for many reasons. I have always known I was to work with the animals and now feel I have found a way that resonates with every cell of my body. I have previously experienced doubt with regard to the idea of a healing animal practice, thinking it not possible for whatever reason. But through that class, I have the knowledge that all is possible!

So I am most grateful for your work and commitment to healing with such reverence for the wonderful living beings we call animals. Thank You Again. Roy is also appreciative of having experienced the class. We are both changed and moved by our experience."

- Debbie Criddle & Roy Mittleider
Camino, California

HTA has helped create a better relationship between my dog and my husband
"I am writing to give you an update on my dog April since we attended the Healing Touch for Animals® Level 1 Course in Denver. April has a huge problem with my husband coming home and is especially afraid anytime he walks through the door. As she anticipates his arrival she barks and growls uncontrollably. Fortunately she has never bitten him, but it has become a real and ongoing problem…actually, it has gone on for 5 years. I have tried so many things to get her to calm down, but it is like she loses her mind and cannot focus on anything but her fear and her desire to protect herself and me. All this stems from her past in a different home.

The good news is that after Carol Komitor worked on her in the class and told her that her behavior was inappropriate, I have seen some improvement. The Bridging Technique™ for Animals has affected her behavior with my husband. The barking is not completely gone, but I am able to get her calm enough to control it. When my husband is going to come home, I open the garage door and then the door from the garage into our house so that she can see he is coming, and it isn’t so scary. I put her in a down stay and reminded her of her new job. I have had to be stern with her, reminding her "to remember" (part of the behavior modification process). She will still bark a little but at a way less intense level. This has also translated into a better relationship between April and my husband…she seems less nervous around him, and he has been taking her with him sometimes to run errands. Carol also said that his energy is very intense for April, so he has been taking a deep breath and "shaking it off" before he comes through the door to greet us. I feel like we are on the right path to make things less stressful for all of us. I feel really good about the improvements. Out of all the things I have tried, this is the first and only one to show any positive results."

- Heidi Clark
Edwards, Colorado

We were very impressed with how gentle this approach was
"Helichrysum - Several months ago we noticed a small tumor forming on our aging dogs forehead. The vet didn't seemed concerned with it but it was difficult not to notice and grew to more than an 1/8" in diameter rather quickly. That's when I started using Helichrysum. I diluted it with a carrier oil and dabbed a small amount directly on and around the tumor with a Q-tip. Immediately we noticed it getting smaller. After several applications it finally became the shape of a cone but was still firmly in place. Two more applications and the remaining piece fell off with healed skin underneath. We were very impressed with how gentle this approach was."

- Shelley Wallen, HTACP
Littleton, Colorado

My family members are now believers
"I am a Healing Touch for Animals® (HTA) Practitioner, and I live in rural Ohio. When I first started using HTA, I had some family members who questioned whether the HTA really works. A few weeks after attending a Healing Touch for Animals® class in Chicago, I came upon a turtle that had been run over by a vehicle. Its underside had a bad split, and a portion of the hard shell was flattened. I took it home, and with the HTA techniques and the use of my spiritual practice, the healing process began. On the third day you could see a noticeable difference in the shape of the shell, and the split was rapidly healing. By the end of a week it was well enough to release in its own habitat. With the drastic changes in the turtle’s appearance, the said family members are now believers in Healing Touch for Animals®."

- Reneé Strohm
New Washington, Ohio

Thank you for a great class; it was truly a learning experience
"I recently attended a Healing Touch for Animals® Level 3 in Minneapolis. Thank you for a great class; it was truly a learning experience. I was so excited to meet Carol Komitor because I knew she had to be very special to have been inspired to create the Etheric Heartbeat for Animals™ technique. I have had 4 levels of Healing Touch (for humans), and since learning the technique, I have also used it in my Healing Touch practice on humans. It is one of the most beautiful techniques that can be used on animals and humans both; it is totally about unconditional love and true caring. To me that is what Healing Touch is about, and it brings tears to my eyes many times as I use it. I believe it was truly inspired from heaven above! I would like to thank Carol, again, for the Etheric Heartbeat for Animals™ technique. Anyone taking Healing Touch for Animals® will learn so much!"

- Janet Anhorn Finne
Owatonna, Minnesota

Healing Music for Animals helps keep owners and sick pets calm
"Thank you very much for the Healing Touch for Animals® Volume II music CD. I am sure this CD will help as much as the last CD did. I love to keep the music playing in "a loop" in our comfort room where owners visit with their sick pets and we do acupuncture. Thank you, again. I look forward to the HTA Level 4 class."

- Debbie Grissom, DVM
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Carol repaired the dog's Hara and his energy completely changed
"In the HTA Level 4 Course, Carol Komitor worked on a 1 1/2 year old unneutered male Newfoundland who had been given up by his original owners because of behavior issues two weeks earlier. He had been in my possession for 10 days.

When my dog entered the conference room with me, the energy changed to general uneasiness. He had not been socialized to other animals or people and was showing aggressive behavior. Carol began the assessment of my dog's energy system in front of the class.

When Carol began repairing his Hara, both his back and rear-end relaxed. He lay down and calmed. The other animals in the room relaxed.

After Carol's demonstration with my dog, he had a rest period behind the circle of people and their dogs. He laid flat out and rested for an hour while all the students practiced on their dogs. His relaxation brought tears to my eyes, and I wished we had this experience on film. Even now he continues to adjust to his new surroundings, to my dogs and to my horses. His aggressive biting reaction has calmed down."

- Lynda Ireland
St. Leonard, Maryland

Healing Music for Animals & Their People keeps dogs calm while in my car
"I just purchased Volume I of your "Healing Music for Animals & Their People" set and have been very happy with it. I drive rescue transports – usually dogs who were just pulled from kill shelters and may be frightened and agitated and are headed to foster homes or no-kill rescues – and so far, the CD has worked very well. I know you have a warning that it should not be used during driving, but I've found that as long as it's during the day and I'm sufficiently caffeinated, it's not a problem!

Last weekend I had six dogs in my Honda Element, and the only time they barked was when I turned the music off to make a cell phone call. Today's transport of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, who had been pulled just before being euthanized, went very well with 8-yr-old "Sweetie" not going to sleep, as I expected, but being alert and calm during the entire ride."

- Connie Corzilius Spasser
Augusta, Georgia

HTA helped me treat a rescued, injured dog
"I had to get some supplies for my dog at PetSmart. When I entered the store I saw a woman near the entrance standing next to a basket with a mid-sized dog in it. The dog's eyes were closed, and he had stitches all over his body and was severely swollen. I went to the woman and asked about the poor dog. She explained to me that she had rescued him. He had been used as a victim for pit bull fights – apparently the organizers pick a rather sweet natured dog who then can be torn apart by these pit bulls as people watch and cheer them on. I was aghast since I had never heard of such a dreadful, inhumane practice.

I asked her whether she would allow me to do some Healing Touch for Animals® on this poor dog, and she agreed. After working on the dog over the many places of injury for about 20 minutes, I could see the tremendous swelling go down to the point that he could open his eyes. He even lifted his head and slightly moved his tail as in "thank you." I was moved to tears – partially in gratitude for being able to help this animal – partially in deep sadness for the people who can allow themselves pleasure in such horrific acts.
This incident also gave me an insight into the tremendous suffering that we impose on other people and animals all over the world, and the wonderful healing tools we all carry in our hands and our hearts. It is up to us to access love."

- Ines Hoster, MS, HTCP/I, CHT
Atlanta, Georgia

The experience moved me deeply...
"The experience of connecting with a horse through Healing Touch for Animals® moved me deeply, and in unexpected ways. I probably received as much healing as the horse did. Maybe more."

- Karen S. Bentley
Clayton, Georgia

I was just amazed by the animal's visible acceptance of the healing
"I had the opportunity to use this on an exotic bird with an injured tail, and was just amazed by the animal's visible acceptance of the healing. Although it was in a large fenced enclosure, the bird voluntarily settled its backside against the fence where my hands were and calmly watched me over its shoulder for the duration of the session."

- Steve Anderson
San Diego, California

The Bridging & trade; technique has worked wonders
"The very week after the class, I started using it at a private shelter for abused, neglected and aged animals. The Bridging™ technique alone has worked wonders, and the animals have responded with phenomenal speed."

- Jeanne Savoie
DeLand, Florida

I had such a wonderful time and learning experience
"I had such a wonderful time and learning experience. I have done the Bridging ™ technique on my other dog, Herriott, who has residual cognitive deficits from an accident years ago. There was an impressive response to this technique."

- Jane Packard Bryant
Williston, Vermont

HTA will assist me in caring for my beloved dogs
"I had a wonderful time at the Level 1 Course in Cincinnati, Ohio...it was well worth the drive from Kansas City, Missouri and I'm looking forward to the Level 2 Course. Your teaching style and winning personality made it so easy to absorb the information. I was particularly impressed by the way you bonded 60 strangers into friends in such a short time - working together to learn so much in such a short time. I had some concern about working with horses but that turned out to be especially rewarding."

- Deanna Vick
Kansas City, Missouri

I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the awesome HTA class

"I felt very inspired and more importantly a fire was rekindled within me, along with a sense of hope. I said in class that I am an RVT and practiced in the hospital for only one year. It was an incredibly difficult experience for me for many reasons. I have always known I was to work with the animals and now feel I have found a way that resonates with every cell of my body. I have previously experienced doubt with regard to the idea of a healing animal practice, thinking it not possible for whatever reason. But through your HTA Course alone I have a knowingness that all is possible!

So I am most grateful for your work and commitment to healing with such reverence for the wonderful living beings we call animals. Thank You Again. Roy also is appreciative of having experienced the class. We are both changed and moved by our experience."

- Debbie Criddle and Roy Mittleider
Camino, California

This turned into a very special journey for me
"I have been teaching Healing Touch in the Charlotte area for the past 2 years and always had some students asking for a class for animals. I have promised my students that I would bring Carol Komitor here at some point for HTA. That finally took place in May, 2003. It was wonderful! Always having a love for animals but not "owning" any at this time I thought I was doing this for my students and other animal lovers in the area. What started out as a task of coordinating the class turned into a very special journey for me. Not only did I connect with so many wonderful animal lovers but also met some pretty wonderful animals who were in need of this work. It impacted my life in a way I didn't expect.

We now have a group that volunteers at the Horse Protection Society and works with previously neglected horses, and my own private practice now includes the animals of my two legged clients. Carol has a wonderful gift for teaching this work. I highly recommend this class to both beginners and to those who have been involved in energy work. What a joy!"

- Joanne McMurtrie
Matthews, North Carolina

Thank you... HTA has altered the direction of my life
"I wanted to take this belated opportunity to thank you for coming to Schenectady NY to teach an HTA Course. It was an event that has altered the direction of my life, and that will continually shape the work I do and define the reasons why I do it. You arrived with your HTA methods at a time when I was searching for direction and meaning in my life. I felt that I was being "called" to do healing work with both humans and animals, but didn't quite know where to begin that journey, or which "energy" technique would best suit my purposes.

Having graduated from (human) massage therapy school in May, I knew there were a number of energy based therapies to choose from, but wanted techniques that I could use on animals, too, since I am also an LVT. Healing Touch for Animals® provides energetic techniques that I can use on either the massage table or the surgery table. I am very grateful."

- Eileen M. Hebert
Cohoes, New York

Classes bring a greater level of awareness to my practice and my own consciousness
"Each class brings a greater level of awareness to my practice and my own consciousness. I find Carol and her HTA techniques to be a valuable asset in my practice and in my life. I have attended and thoroughly enjoy Carol’s HTA classes. I have incorporated many of the techniques that Carol has developed for animals into my human practice with very successful results. Frequently my two-legged clients bring their four-legged companions to their treatments. There seems to be a direct correlation and connection between the human's well-being and the well-being of their animal companion."

- Denise Muchna
Muskegon, Michigan

Carol has a true respect and gratitude for the animals
"I'd like to thank Carol for the integrity she holds as a teacher of Healing Touch for Animals®. I’ve had many teachers in my life and have only found a small few that I learned from. Carol is one from which I not only learned a lot from, but it extended out beyond her classroom. She has a true respect and gratitude for the animals, and that is obvious in how she presents HTA."

- Lisa Lysaght
Ashland, Massachusetts

I have changed, my energy has changed
"It is not possible to attend a Healing Touch for Animals® Course and leave without knowing that you have changed. You will never experience an animal like you have in the past, you will never touch an animal the same way you did before, and you will never interact with an animal in the same manner. I have changed, my energy has changed and my appreciation for animals has entered a new and different dimension. When I was doing the Etheric Heartbeat™ technique and had both my hands on Jury, a horse with a leg injury, I experienced such a powerful energy flowing between us. I felt his head over my shoulder gently pressing me against his chest – an exchange of love, trust and oneness. He gave healing as well as received it. Although I have always been aware of the healing power of dogs, to stand in front of a very large 1200 pound horse is something else again. It happens that I am at a point in my life where I have to make some decisions about the direction my work needs to go in. Jury validated that it will be in the direction of working with animals -- a journey that I have always wanted to go on. Because of this weekend's experience and what has now been identified as my passion for animals, I have the courage to pursue it.

Try being in a room full of dogs of all sizes, and breeds and in various states of physical, emotional and spiritual conditions. One would think it would be chaotic, but it wasn't; quite the contrary. They all were calm, and at peace. Here were animals that had endured all kinds of stress, abuse, and injury. The dogs allowed us to enter their souls, they showed us what courage was, they trusted us to show them how to self heal, and in return, they gave back to us.

You will leave these classes with the tools you went for, but you will also leave with far more. You will be integrated with the energy of animals: you will carry it forward; you will continue to feel it within your soul and share it with your animal friends. The next time you look into a set of animal eyes, or you stroke an animal, or when you experience the animal’s energy field, you will feel a connection with the universe."

- Marion "Moe" Moeller
Hermitage, Tennessee

The experience was compassionately and professionally planned and presented
"I want to thank both of you for one of the best weekends I have spent in quite some time. I continue to feel the blessings of exuberance, peace, and hope from the time spent with you and with the animals. I thought the experience was so compassionately and professionally planned and presented, and I cannot wait to be a part of further trainings.

I have been applying my education in my relationships with my animals and with other human loved ones. We are all very excited and reassured by the experiences. Until I see you next, I send to both of you my deep appreciation for the work you do and for the people you are."

- Jasmine Edwards
Kettering, Ohio

I highly recommend these classes...expect miracles
"I can't say enough about Carol Komitor's Healing Touch for Animals® program. I have taken all four levels of the training. I know that my sweet 16 year old Persian, Victoria, is alive today because of this energy work. She has had kidney disease for 3 years, and the last time I had her blood work done her kidneys were functioning within the normal range!!! Traditional veterinary care predicted Victoria to be dead by February 2003.

Carol is a gifted healer and has created an exquisite curriculum for learning how to support our animals. I have also taken 5 levels of the humans' Healing Touch curriculum. I find the Healing Touch for Animals®® classes) to be hugely beneficial to my human clients as well as animals. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who loves animals. Expect miracles. With this training, you can be a part of miracles every day."

- Florence Gans
Raleigh, North Carolina

It is at the energy work level where the real healing takes place
"In my opinion, equine massage is the mechanics of healing therapy; similar to taking your car into the garage for preventative maintenance. Massage is preventative maintenance for muscles so they don't get strains, sprains and tears. It is at the energy work level where the real healing takes place, because we are allowing the horse to heal himself. It is by our intention for the highest and best purpose and acting as a conduit for the energy-force that it can flow to wherever the horse needs it.

In human terms, it is like going to church, praying for the best good for all, and feeding your soul. I enjoyed the quality and pacing of your clinic. Since I’m an equine person, Friday night’s activities were great (working with humans). The techniques portion of your clinic was very good -- I will be able to use all of what you taught me in my practice."

- Jackie Nairn

Life-changing only begins to describe what this has meant to us
"Life-changing only begins to describe what this has meant to us. It helped me comfort Sandy, our 6-year-old Golden Retriever, in his final days with terminal cancer. During the same period, it transformed our other Golden, Fancy, from a terrified, shy animal into a confident, loving companion and partner, and in return fostered a heart connection between us that we'd never had before."

- Ellen Lipps
Midlothian, Virginia

My students saw and felt a difference
"I wanted to thank you and Kathy for such an interesting day. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the whole thing as I really did not know much about it. After seeing the horses and their reactions and behavior, I could see a difference. It was especially noticeable the next day when we rode. Even my students saw and felt a difference. I enjoyed having you all at the farm."

- Jill Kirsch (and the horses)
North Canton, Ohio

Thanks for opening a new door for me
"I first heard about Healing Touch for Animals® about 3 years ago and knew nothing about HTA. I actually thought it was some type of massage therapy so I signed up for my first class. At first I was a bit skeptical. Being a veterinarian we learn to be very scientific about things and this was a new way of thinking. But after I completed Level 1, I was excited about the possibilities and about learning more. I have now gone through level 3 and am even more excited about using the essential oils.

My technicians have also taken the HTA course work and we use HTA in my practice before and after surgeries. I have found that animals awake faster and smoother using the HTA techniques. We also are using the techniques during euthanasias and now with the knowledge of essential oils we will be using HTA more in everyday practice. The clients we have exposed HTA to have been very open to it.

- Dawn L. Bookmyer
Columbus, Ohio