The First Healing Touch for Animals® Course

The first Healing Touch for Animals® Course was held March 9, 1996 in Hunt, Texas, following a 3-day course Carol Komitor taught on Healing Touch (for humans). The courses were held at Waldemar, in the hill country of Central Texas.

Waldemar provided an atmosphere of serenity as Carol and the course participants explored the energy medicine teaching of Healing Touch for Animals®. The many stone buildings held their fascination as the students wondered what stories they held of the magic sensed there. The resident horses, dogs, pot-bellied pig, and small burro were open and accepting of HTA as the students investigated the energy systems of each one through hands on experience.

The participants gathered in each class were all very special, as is every student that comes to the Healing Touch for Animals® program. They came to learn how to balance and heal their animals. In exchange, they found new avenues to help themselves heal. The piece that came together for the students was how working on the animals helps to facilitate the self-healing process. By helping to heal themselves and others (whether it be a person or an animal), they created wholeness at a greater level, affecting the healing of our planet and make a difference in our world.